Young film maker Kemist Gold was on Metro TV’s Playlist Freestyle Friday hosted by Kobby G as part of their “Young And Making It” series to share his success story and plans for the future.

The film maker who started as a DJ advised Ghanaian artistes to move out of the studio, stop renting exotic cars and models for their music videos and rather shoot more location music videos because Ghana has a lot of beautiful places to see. He added that most so called stars do not have the money for his concepts that is why he’s directed just a few.

When asked by the host if Desmond Blackmore (D Black) really directed Joey B’s Cigarette video he said “Well he didn’t; I did all the work but for some reason he wanted me to put his name on it as a co-director. We were going back and forth on the issue so i just took my name of it. In any case if people go to him to shoot a video he will still send them to me because he knows i shot it. I don’t need the fame just payment for my work is enough”

On the success of Joey B’s “U X Me” video the video director also revealed the whole video took 6 hours to shoot as he knew exactly what he wanted. He also thanked the general public for helping “U X Me” hit over 1 million views on Youtube in just 8 months.

Watch Joey B’s ‘ U x Me ‘ below:

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