If you were part of the explosive experience at the inaugural edition of Accra Fashion Week 2016, the organizers are about to step it up to a whole new level. Event planners and decoration company Unique Floral will now be an intricate part of Accra Fashion Week 2017. Their venue in the International Trade Fair Center will now host the 6 day fashion extravaganza starting from 3rd to 8th October 2017.

The organizers believe promoting the designers on an international level if very essential to appeal to boutique owners, but how their clothes are presented is even more essential to their branding, and this is why they chose to orchestrate 2017 with Ghana’s best decoration company Unique Floral.

The Unique Floral Building is one of out many in the Trade Fair, it is well furbished, air conditioned and spacious. The organizers has stated that it might be one of the best location to host a fashion show in Ghana and fits perfectly with their narrative.

Accra Fashion Week made a ground breaking entry in 2017, and works to give a platform to the various creatives across the nation and those from abroad that want to expose their talent to the African fashion world. The objective is for Africa to have it’s own fashion capital with a fashion week that can be compared to the likes of the others and centralize African fashion. Accra Fashion Week 2017 is not to be missed, for more information visit www.accrafashionweek.org


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