Jessica Opare Saforo, co-host of Celebrity Fanzone, has cautioned Christians against treating men of God like demi-gods.

Jessica, who was reacting to reports that Rev. Josh Laryea, a gospel musician and pastor at the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) had been suspended due “immoral conduct”, also warned against certain behaviors which push people away from the church defeating the whole purpose of the church.

“This story brings out a lot of skeletons from the religious cupboard. If you are not drawing people to the church and your behavior is pushing people away then it defeats the purpose of the church. I think that if water is grace; the church should be an ocean not a museum for good people but a hospital for the broken and we have lost our way,” the beautiful presenter stated last Saturday on Celebrity Fanzone.

With allegations also making rounds that the embattled pastor may have sexually assaulted songstress Mzbel, contributing to her exit from the church years ago, Jessica further advised against treating men of God like demi-gods arguing that ‘they are men first before ‘of God.’

“The other thing is for me which I feel is become a problem over time, I am not saying we shouldn’t  have reverence for men of God but I have observed that we have got to the point of treating men of God like demi-gods. Where it almost feels as if we are no more worshipping the ultimate God but what people are doing. And not all of these men are from God and in any case they are men first before of God.”

Jessica also maintained that men of God also ‘struggle to do the right thing’ just like everybody, insisting that building your spirituality based on how good your spiritual leader is, is a set up for disappointment.

“So you always have that at the back of your mind because they also struggling to do the right thing just like your or i. If you saying your level of spirituality or whatever you believe in is dependent on how good the man who is leading you is, you will be so disappointed,” Jessica warned.

Celebrity Fanzone now airs every Saturday, 9pm on GH One TV, and a repeat broadcast on Sundays at Midday.





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