Who is holier than thou?


Though created with the likeness in thy image.

At thy feet, our holy garments bow.

Fidelity stands, ours don’t match yours.

And the devil wonders why he is barred from the law’s table.

But he knows and we show- our tendencies as in his nature.


He knocks but we don’t give him a chance to enter.

Yet, at the Lords’ table, we act to affirm the devil’s fable.


Though innocent sometimes, I’m sure he is suprised that we blame him for that we do in the eyes of God.


With all that he does, just maybe, he likes it for his name sake and or lest be punched with a cross stake.

Just maybe, he accept it is easier to frame him than thyself.


How slanderous?

Do tell.



Credit: Asford Psalms

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