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CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2017 Ghana Writers Awards



Writers and poets who wish to take part in the second edition of the Ghana Writers Awards could do so from April 14 to Sunday, May 14, 2017. Five literary genres comprising Short Story, Spoken Word, Poetry, Literature Blog, and Topic-Given Poetry contest are the categories in the second edition.

The awards will be judged by 10 judges from three continents across the world who are experienced and award winning writers in the categories being considered for the 2017 edition. Ghana Writers Awards is a literary prize instituted by some young Ghanaians to celebrate and promote Ghanaian writers and literature. The award, is the only nationally competitive literary prize instituted to recognize the role of unpublished Ghanaian fictional writers and other forms of the literary arts in the country. The prize was borne out of the need to promote reading and writing in Ghana and by extension increasing the number of Ghanaian published writers.

A statement signed by the Vice President of the awards, Mr Kingsley Kojo Antwi, said there would be separate categories for students in Junior High School, Senior High School and tertiary levels. Similarly, he said, there would be other non-competitive prizes for individuals and institutions that had contributed to the development and promotion of the Ghanaian literary arts industry. He said the 2017 edition will be held on the theme: “My arts my life: creating more opportunities for the youth in the literary arts industry in Ghana”. Mr Antwi, however, has called on benevolent individuals and organisations that would wish to support or partner in the organisation of the 2017 awards to contact the management of the awards.

He has also advised writers and poets who wished to enter the competition to send their works on time.



How to enter: To participate in this contest, entrants are required to read all instructions and rules regarding this award. There are no fees associated with any entry. However, in order to be eligible, writers must meet all the criteria outlined below.

(1) Any entry shall be e-mailed to The first page of any entry shall contain the following information: the category of work, the entrant’s name, e-mail address, phone number, region, and a computer word count of the work.

(2) By participating in the Ghana Writers Awards (GWA) contest, each entrant represents and warrants that:

(i) The submission is original to the entrant, and all right, title and interest (including but not limited to copyright) therein and thereto is exclusively owned and/or controlled by the entrant to the full extent necessary.

(ii) The submission does not contain any material that is libelous, defamatory, profane or obscene.

(iii) The submission does not contain any material that promotes racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;

(iv) The submissions shall be deemed to be submitted by the authorised account holder of the e-mail address associated with the entry.


Eligibility rules

  1. Published work is not eligible for the 2017 Ghana Writers Awards.
  2. Submissions should be made by the writer to the official email address provided: However, those without email address may do so through a family member (spouse, mother, father, teacher or guardian).
  3. Only a fictional work is eligible for the 2017 Ghana Writers Awards.
  4. Only a story per writer will be considered in the short story category. However, poets are required to send three different poems with each poem not more than 30 lines.
  5. Published works in any form, including personal blogs, online, magazines, and newspapers are not eligible in the 2017 Ghana Writers Awards.
  6. Apart from the specified works (poetry, short story, spoken word, literature blog, and topic-given poetry contest) any other literary genre is not eligible in the 2017 Ghana Writers Awards.
  7. Any entry should be saved with the surname of writer plus the genre one is entering (e.g Poetry: Amankwah  or Short Story: Amankwah or Topic-Given Poetry:Amankwah, Blog: Amankwah). The font type should be Times New Roman, and double spaced. Document should be saved in PDF format. All document should have page numbers.
  8. The Topic-Given Poetry Contest is for only students (JHS, SHS, and Tertiary). This category consist of three separate slots for the various levels of education. It has its own rules, which will be outlined below.
  9. All works which do not conform to the outlined guidelines will be rejected.
  10. If you are not clear about any information regarding the eligibility process, please email us through:



  1. Entrant is entitled to only one submission.
  2. Performance should not be more than five minutes
  3. There should be a relationship between visuals and theme
  4. Well edited video with clear sound
  5. Works can either be an individual performance or a collaborative performance
  6. The video should be on Compact Disc only (CD)
  7. Aside English language performance, entrants are to include sub-titles in the video of any vernacular expression (s).
  8. Indicate title and duration of video
  9. Indicate your name, email address, and contact number on the script to be attached with the CD.
  10. Attach a script of the performance (the message)
  11. Package your CD in a brown envelop and deliver it to Helen Selorm at the Ghanaweb Office at Dzorwulu near the Fidelity Bank. You can reach her  via 0504027141.


NOTE: this category is different from the poetry category and has its own rules as indicated above.


TOPIC GIVEN CONTEST: (Write a poem on illegal mining and its effects on the environment)

  1. This category will follow the same rules for the poetry category with the exception of the following:
  2. It is for only students in Junior High School, Senior High School, and Tertiary levels.
  3. Those in the same educational levels will be judged on the same scale (e.g, JHS category, SHS category, and tertiary category).
  4. Indicate your level of education and name of school or academic institution.
  5. Only ONE poem is expected from each entrant.

NOTE: this category will not follow the rule four (4) of the poetry guidelines.



  1. Submit the link of your blog to the official email for the contest.
  2. Each blogger is entitled to only one blog
  3. A blog should not be less than one year in existence as of the time of this competition
  4. At least 60 per cent of the content on the blog should be original to the blogger A blog should at least have not less than 20 posts as of the time of this competition
  5. Title (s) of content (s) on the blog which is/are not original to the blogger must be indicated
  6. Unsourced content or plagiarized works will be disqualified.
  7. Blog should be active
  8. Write a short note on the rationale behind the creation of your blog
  9. Adherence to the protocols of good blog features will be an advantage



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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Self-ish-less – Asford Psalm



Consider oneself less, lest others perception of you will be of a mongering nature- Selfish.

Selfishness is the inclination towards oneself.

But to what extent does an act qualify to be selfish?

If unclear, act selfless.

Consider yourself less and others’ perception of you shall be just.

Isn’t that hypocritical?


To what extent does an act qualify to be selfless?

Well, that’s an easy say.

What of- which act does a man perform and not consider himself; whether last or even first?

The problem others have is yourself being first.

How hypocritical?

The hypocrisy that lies within is ‘self’.


Selfishness or selflessness, to what extent does an act commit to be either?

Is it even a matter?

Because the very innate of human is the sober reflection of self in the prism of life.

Selfish or selfless, the words themselves have ‘self’ therein-

If a man does good, he does for himself;

And an act today is a consideration for tomorrow.

So then, which of them has no ‘self’ thereof?


If a man considers himself less, he is a hypocrite.

If he considers himself first, he is also a hypocrite.

Which is greater, does it matter?

Self is everywhere.

You need not agree.

However, look at the very innate of man.

It is carved beautifully within.

Whatever side you want to view it;

Whether from your side or the perception of others;

Whether for the image you want to portray or the true nature you want to slay;

Accept or deny it, there is one word left astray- Hypocrisy!

And it is an innate of man.

I only judge because one is clearly visible than the other.

How hypocritical of me?


Asford Psalms



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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGPoeticLicence: Anthem – ASFORD PSALMS



What do you feel when you hear the nation’s anthem being played?

How do you feel when you see our flag being waved?

Do you put your right hand on the area of your heart to promise on your honor?

Has everything become some sentences bundled together that we recite in leisure?

How do we commune with the words therein, what does it stand for?

Where did we come from; where are we; what do we want; how do we get what we want and so forth?

So many things seemed to have been wronged.


Do we even care to know?

Where we came from, how we got here, what do we want- the simple, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’.

If we have ignored these simple things, then how will we know where we want to rightly go?


The blackness of the Star is pale.

Just as the flag itself has become frail for the many hours it has waved in the unhidden rays of the sun.

Burning off during the day and cooling off at the sight of the moonlight.

And that’s all we have come to be!

Another article within the sun’s reach; working all day for God knows what and resting at night.

That’s all left to see; nothing quickening our might.


Remember when the Red in the flag stood for the blood shed by our fore fathers; the Gold representing our essential riches; the Green, our supreme vegetation and the Black Star, the Hope of Africa?

It is right that I used ‘remember’ because our now has met a redefinition.

Red: Our senseless struggles for the greens and golden riches where in actuality it’s rather the next in within the flag.

Where’s our sense of priority?

Painting the city red with blood from a redefined course to all extent to gain wealth and riches.

Oh! Not to talk of the senseless struggle for bunch acknowledgement certs which certifies that we have spent many years over-learning and not working with it.

Most times we work, is for self and to enjoy later at night when we again paint the city red with carpets.


How about the Gold?

That’s the order of the day.

Our self-search for enrichment.

For that we are bold!

Our greed has over shadowed the Black Star which cuts across the belly of the gold.

On a scale of on-to-ten, can we value the hope left within the Black Star amidst the endless battle and greed for gold?


The Green, what’s left of it?

Trees being cut down; no replant, no regrowth.

Green is being made out so money corrupts the fold.



What is left of our nation?

The one our fore fathers left for us?

The very same our present-past fathers have corrupted.

And if we think it’s fair to shed the blame to them, wait to hear what our children will do to us for not righting their wrongs.

Because they too will be left with either of two options; continuing with that we leave for them or cleaning our mess.

And that’s an endless cycle for those next.


What do you feel when the anthem is being played?

Is it a call to quicken our spirit for Ghana or to sharpen your wits?

How do you feel when the flag is being waved?

Is it pride for Ghana or for thyself?

Let us find our lost honor before we pledge to Ghana.

For if we are lost, there’s no fidelity in the path that we carve for others.

Greed and self doesn’t make our nation stand tall and strong except thyself.

There’s no way the tyres of a moving vehicle can be changed as it wheels in motion.

There’s nothing as being too late.

And it is better if we start now!

It is time to flap on our beautifully woven Kente cloth, put the colouful beads on our wrist and slide our feet into the kingly Ahenema.

It is time to move forward our heavy feet to grace the occasion.

There’s no better time than now.

It is time to move on.


God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!


Asford Psalms

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Events & Places

Volta Hotel to Host Happy FM Dream Wedding Best Couples



As part of the Honeymoon packages for the Best three couples from the just ended Happy FM Dream Wedding, Volta Hotel at Akosombo in the Eastern Region will on Saturday March 3rd host the couples.

The three couples, Mr. and Mrs. Nutakor, Mr. and Mrs. Ologo and Mr. and Mrs. Acquah were adjudged the best three couples during the Happy FM Dream Wedding which took place on February 14 at Cleaver House in Accra.

These three couples will enjoy a Honeymoon treat which includes a 2-night stay at the plush Volta Hotel.

According to Kwesi Sarpong, Programmes Manager for Happy FM, the three couples will begin their Honeymoon treat at Volta Hotel on Saturday.

The Happy FM Dream Wedding is a fulfilment of a social responsibility of the station and the event takes place each year on Valentine’s Day.




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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicense: Kindhearted And Ravishingly Mesmerising Amusement – ASFORD PSALM!




I sometimes did confuse both to be the same.

Because I have crossed their paths in many ways.

Both are beautiful in many states.

But at least I know now that one is with an ‘r’ and the other is not;

Yet still, I won’t underestimate their ways.


Think of one of them to be a fairly thought out lesson.

She’s pretty much an open book; a pithy, learn her ways and the doors of luxurious pleasures awaits.

Surely, you won’t be in abate.

But the other, her name with an ‘r’.

She’s witty; not an open book so you can’t learn her ways.

She’s not a sutra but the lessons are in her.

She’s perfect in all estate; put a pin in it, not a stake.

She’s fair if not today, some other day.

And she won’t seem as much if you are being paid back with your own coin.

Though she is not an open book, her prime lesson to live peacefully with her needs not to be written before you look.

“You will reap what you sow”, so look before you leap.

Remember that any time you both cross ways.

Because if not today, some other day and that could be too late.


There’s one thing I have learnt.

Whether with an ‘r’ or without.

No matter how meticulous you think you are; no matter how extreme you can bend, both can bend in same measure to meet your ways.

It will be fortunately unfortunate if you are paid not in your same coin but two, then you realize it is bloody fate.

Life’s own Karma is binary.

You only get what you receive.

Good or bad, you choose


Asford Psalms


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BROMANCE! Shatta Wale/ Bulldog spread love in new pics!



The following images, captured by celebrity photographer Kwabena Awuku, of GH showbiz stalwarts Shatta Wale (Charles Nii Armah Mensah), and Bulldog (Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson), typify  the very aura of brotherly warmth.

The pair, who’s relationship underwent significant wear years ago, in a highly-publicised feud leading to their split, express in these pictures, that water is definitely under the bridge now, and give credence to the adage “never say never”.

Their reunion, was reportedly orchestrated by ZYLOFON Media boss, Nana Appiah Mensah, whose Zylofon Music imprint they are also now signees of.

See the images below:

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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: LOOMING RAIN – Evans Kissi (Abotreh)



The very last sun arrives, at long last,

On the tail of this year’s very first moon.

The dry season survived in all the rooms.


At last, the rainclouds are gathering

In some few days away from this hour.


The last sun arrives, at long last,

On the tail of this first moon

After the dry season lived in this bungalow.


May the water pour heavily

To arm the next set of weeks;

Plans are solid and nice.


The last sun arrives at long last,

On the tail of this first moon.

The dry season lived in all the rooms.


Welcome home, O looming rain.

Double up, because fire is burning somewhere.


~ Evans Owusu Kissi (Abotreh)


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