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KEY LIVE SPORTING EVENTS ON DStv and GOtv (12 Apr – 23 Apr)



Wed, 12 Apr Borussia Dortmund vs. Monaco 18h30 SS5HD/Maximo 2
Wed, 12 Apr Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid 20h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Wed, 12 Apr Atletico Madrid vs. Leicester City 20h40 SS5HD/Maximo 2/Maximo 360

/Select/ Ch199

Tue, 18 Apr Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich 20h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Tue, 18 Apr Leicester City vs. Atletico Madrid 20h40 SS5HD/Maximo 2
Wed, 19 Apr Barcelona vs. Juventus 20h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Wed, 19 Apr Monaco vs. Borussia Dortmund 20h40 SS5HD/Maximo 2/Maximo 360

/Select/ Ch199



Thu, 13 Apr Lyon vs. Besiktas 21h00 SS6HD/Select/Maximo 360/Ch199
Thu, 13 Apr Anderlecht vs. Man Utd 21h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Thu, 13 Apr Ajax vs. Schalke 21h00 SS5HD/Maximo 2
Thu, 13 Apr Celta Vigo vs. Genk 21h00 SS7/Maximo 3
Thu, 20 Apr Man Utd vs. Anderlecht 21h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Thu, 20 Apr Schalke vs. Ajax 21h00 SS5HD/Maximo 2
Thu, 20 Apr Besiktas vs. Lyon 21h00 SS6HD/Select/Maximo 360/Ch199
Thu, 20 Apr Genk vs. Celta Vigo 21h00 SS7/Maximo 3







Sat, 15 Apr Tottenham Hotspur vs. AFC Bournemouth 13h00 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Sat, 15 Apr Crystal Palace vs. Leicester City 15h45 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 360/Select 2
Sat, 15 Apr Everton vs. Burnley 15h50 SS5HD/Maximo 1
Sat, 15 Apr Sunderland vs. West Ham United 15h50 SS7/Maximo 2
Sat, 15 Apr Stoke City vs. Hull City 15h50 SS9
Sat, 15 Apr Southampton vs. Man City 18h00 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Sun, 16 Apr West Bromwich Albion vs. Liverpool 13h30 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Sun, 16 Apr Man Utd vs. Chelsea 16h30 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Mon, 17 Apr Middlesbrough vs. Arsenal 20h00 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Sat, 22 Apr West Ham United vs. Everton 15h00 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 360/Select 2/EVT 2
Sat, 22 Apr Hull City vs. Watford 15h50 EVT 1
Sat, 22 Apr AFC Bournemouth vs. Middlesbrough 15h50 SS5HD/Maximo 1
Sat, 22 Apr Swansea City vs. Stoke City 15h50 SS9/Maximo 2
Sun, 23 Apr Burnley vs. Man Utd 14h30 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1
Sun, 23 Apr Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace 17h15 SS3HD/SS11HD/Maximo 1



Fri, 14 Apr Athletic Bilbao vs. Las Palmas 20h40 SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Sat, 15 Apr Deportivo La Coruna vs. Malaga 12h55 SS12HD/Maximo 3/Maximo 360/

Select 2/Ch199

Sat, 15 Apr Sporting Gijon vs. Real Madrid 16h10 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sat, 15 Apr Atletico Madrid vs. Osasuna 18h25 SS7/SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sat, 15 Apr Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad 20h40 SS7/SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Sun, 16 Apr Leganes vs. Espanyol 11h55 SS7/SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Sun, 16 Apr Valencia vs. Sevilla 16h10 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sun, 16 Apr Real Betis vs. Eibar 18h25 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sun, 16 Apr Granada vs. Celta Vigo 20h40 SS4/SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Mon, 17 Apr Alaves vs. Villarreal 20h40 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Fri, 21 Apr Sevilla vs. Granada 20h55 SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Sat, 22 Apr Malaga vs. Valencia 12h55 SS12HD/Maximo 3/Maximo 360/

Select 2/Ch199/EVT 2

Sat, 22 Apr Villarreal vs. Leganes 16h10 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sat, 22 Apr Osasuna vs. Sporting Gijon 18h25 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sat, 22 Apr Espanyol vs. Atletico Madrid 20h40 SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3
Sun, 23 Apr Real Sociedad vs. Deportivo La Coruna 11h55 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sun, 23 Apr Celta Vigo vs. Real Betis 16h10 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sun, 23 Apr Las Palmas vs. Alaves 18h25 SS12HD/Maximo 3
Sun, 23 Apr Real Madrid vs. Barcelona 20h40 SS3HD/SS12HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 3



Fri, 14 Apr Bristol City vs. QPR 15h55 SS7
Fri, 14 Apr Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Brighton & Hove Albion 17h55 SS7
Fri, 14 Apr Newcastle United vs. Leeds United 20h40 SS5HD/Select 2
Mon, 17 Apr Ipswich Town vs. Newcastle United 15h55 SS7
Mon, 17 Apr Derby County vs. Huddersfield Town 17h55 SS7
Mon, 17 Apr Norwich City vs. Brighton & Hove Albion 20h40 SS9/Select 2



Sat, 22 Apr Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur 18h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 360/Select 2
Sun, 23 Apr Arsenal vs. Man City 15h50 SS5HD/Maximo 2/Maximo 360/ Select 2



Fri, 21 Apr Barcelona vs. Salzburg 12h55 SS5HD/Maximo 2/Maximo 360/Select
Fri, 21 Apr Real Madrid vs. Benfica 16h55 SS5HD/Maximo 1/Maximo 360/Select



Fri, 21 Apr Champions League 12h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1
Fri, 21 Apr Europa League 13h00 SS3HD/Maximo 1



Sat, 15 Apr Zesco United vs. Enugu Rangers 14h45 Select



Fri, 14 Apr Zambia: Nchanga Rangers vs. Nkana 14h45 SS9/Select
Sun, 16 Apr Zambia: Power Dynamos vs. Napsa Stars 14h45 Select
Mon, 17 Apr Zambia: Mufulira Wanderers vs. City of Lusaka 14h45 Select



Fri, 21 Apr – Tue, 25 Apr Test 1st: West Indies vs. Pakistan 16h45 SS7



Wed, 12 Apr Mumbai Indians vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad 16h15 SS2
Thu, 13 Apr Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Kings XI Punjab 16h15 SS2
Fri, 14 Apr Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Mumbai Indians 12h15 SS2
Fri, 14 Apr Gujarat Lions vs. Rising Pune Supergiants 16h15 SS2
Sat, 15 Apr Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad 12h15 SS2
Sat, 15 Apr Delhi Daredevils vs. Kings XI Punjab 16h15 SS2
Sun, 16 Apr Mumbai Indians vs. Gujarat Lions 12h15 SS2
Sun, 16 Apr Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Rising Pune Supergiants 16h15 SS2
Mon, 17 Apr Delhi Daredevils vs. Kolkata Knight Riders 12h15 SS2
Mon, 17 Apr Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Kings XI Punjab 16h15 SS2
Tues, 18 Apr Gujarat Lions vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore 16h15 SS2
Wed, 19 Apr Sunrisers Hyderabad vs. Delhi Daredevils 16h15 SS2
Thu, 20 Apr Kings XI Punjab vs. Mumbai Indians 16h15 SS2
Fri, 21 Apr Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Gujarat Lions 16h15 SS2
Sat, 22 Apr Rising Pune Supergiants vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad 12h15 SS2
Sat, 22 Apr Mumbai Indians vs. Dehli Daredevils 16h15 SS2
Sun, 23 Apr Gujarat Lions vs. Kings XI Punjab 12h15 SS2
Sun, 23 Apr Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Royal Challengers 16h15 SS2



Sat, 15 Apr Gulf Air Bahrain GP Qualifying 16h00 SS6HD
Sun, 16 Apr Gulf Air Bahrain GP Main Race 15h30 SS6HD/Maximo 2



Wed, 19 Apr La Flèche Wallonne 14h45 SS5HD
Sun, 23 Apr Liege Bastogne Liege 14h10 EVT 1



Mon, 17 Apr Boston Marathon 15h15 SS5HD/SS9/Maximo 1
Sun, 23 Apr Hamburg Marathon 08h45 SS7/Maximo 2/ Select 2
Sun, 23 Apr London Marathon 09h45 SS6HD/SS9/Maximo 1



Sat, 22 Apr Street Fighter V Invitational 04h00 SS7



Sun, 23 Apr IAAF World Relays – Day 1 01h30 SS6HD/SS9



Mon, 17 Apr – Sun, 23 Apr Monte Carlo Rolex Masters 11h00 SS6HD




Events & Places

AfroExcellence: Sarkodie assembles heroes in “Highest Feast” [+ video]



Ace Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, brought together various persons who have influenced his life and journey over the years in a private get-together held at his residence on Saturday, March 17.

The first of what he intends to be an annual event, the “Highest Feast”, which saw in attendance, close family, industry friends, as well as acquaintances across corporate Ghana, was, according to the SarkCess frontman, to converge under one roof, various personalities who have served as inspiration for him and his career.

“This is a gathering where I bring together a few of my closest people that I cherish, respect, and appreciate so much. The idea for the highest feast is to bring together these noble people under one roof, have a good time, and connect”, he said.

To him, it also proved a perfect opportunity to exchange success stories under a relaxing atmosphere, and refuel toward new projects.

“In life, the energy around you is very important. It can make you or break you. I choose to keep these people around me because I need that guidance”, the rapper further submits about the feast.

Well-decorated and author of multiple bestselling albums, Sarkodie ranks among elite music acts on the continent. He’s in the running for a number of award at the forthcoming 2018 VGMA Awards, including the coveted Artist of the Year prize.

Here are highlights of the event courtesy Sarkodie’s YouTube page:

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Miss Ghana UK 2017 Queen to “Hug Out “with tertiary students in Accra



Food for All Africa in partnership with Miss Ghana UK Foundation and Psychosocial Africa will this April bring together tertiary students within Accra to hang out with the current Miss Ghana UK Queen, Miss Sabina Lawabea Awuni at the social event aimed at promoting mental health and nutritional well being among tertiary students in Ghana.

For every case of suicide reported, five people have already contemplated committing suicide, making a total of about 200,000 people contemplating the idea annually, Sabina emphasis on the use of social get together as a means to suicide prevention as such programs tend to give people listening ears.

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Network for Anti-suicide and Crisis Prevention in Ghana, five or more people commit suicide every day in the country.The dominant cause of their death ranged from problems with parents, failure at school, the inability of parents to provide needs, impotence and relationship related issues.

Former Chief Psychiatrist of the Accra Mental Hospital, Dr Akwesi Osei reiterates that suicide is premeditated. It is not something one does the first time he or she thinks about it.

 “There are three organizational stages of suicide, involving “getting used to,” the idea, the means and the opportunity or motivation,” he added.

He described the first stage as the preparation state where a person prepares to commit suicide. People who are naturally secretive, who come from broken homes, people with no loving childhood and people with traumatic stress disorders are susceptible.

The second, he said was the precipitate factors that triggered one to commit suicide. Some of the triggers were a financial crisis, loss of a loved one and separation.

The final stage was when victims remained in a perpetual state of the desire to kill him or herself, and with the triggers including the lack of financial support, among others.

Hug Out with Miss Ghana UK 2017, The Jubilee Queen on Saturday 7th April 2018 at Tuo Restaurant and garden on Ring road Central will be an experience sharing hang out with the Queen, Sabina Awuni, mental health advocate, Nana Abena Korkor Addo  and Chef Elijah Addo in promoting mental health and nutritional wellness among tertiary students in Ghana through activities such as cooking competition,eating,games,let’s talk and music jams.

The Queen together with SRC executives of participating schools will in the morning cook and serve breakfast to patients of Accra psychiatric hospital.



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Call for applications: MIAConnects Regional Mobility Programme



The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) is pleased to launch the regional leg of its mobility programme, which will support African music festivals wanting to programme artists from any of the following seven countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria (Northern), Chad, Mali and Niger.

This regional mobility call is part of the broader Music In Africa Connects (MIAConnects) Artist Mobility Programme, which in 2017 supported more than 100 artists from countries affected by conflict to tour locally.

The value of the Regional Mobility Programme is that music festivals are now benefiting from the programme together with the artists, a development that will strengthen the live music scene on the continent.

MIAConnects is made possible with support from the Siemens Stiftung and the German Federal Foreign Office.

Please note that this call is for festivals that take place on the African continent only. The deadline for applications is 22 March 2018 (midnight CAT).

Who can submit an application?

  • This opportunity is open to music festivals based and operating on the African continent.
  • The host festival must take place between 1 May and 22 December 2018.
  • The applicant must be the registered company or organisation directly responsible for the organisation of the festival.
  • The music festival must be able to attract a considerable audience, beneficial to the invited artist(s).
  • Only festivals featuring a series of performances by various musicians and bands will be considered.
  • First-time festivals and other event formats are welcome to apply provided they meet the criteria.

Requirements and mandatory documents

  • Budgets submitted must adhere to stipulations as indicated in the call.
  • The applicant (festival) must have a valid bank account.
  • Proof will be required with regards to the festival’s ability to cover the costs of the invited music performance (refer below for costs to be covered by the festival) and to implement the festival as detailed in the application.
  • Confirmation of donors, sponsors and other financial support will have to be provided within the application form.
  • Festivals taking place in what is considered high-risk areas need to outline safety and security measures that will be taken towards the safety of the invited artist or band.
  • The applicant will be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project (and not an intermediary).
  • The festival (the applicant) should appoint one person from the company or organisation who will be responsible for submitting the application, managing and reporting how the support has been utilised and will be the sole contact person if the application is successful.
  • An applicant may submit only one application under this call.
  • The requested amount may not exceed €5 000.
  • Registration documents for companies that are legally responsible for the implementation of the festival.
  • Legal identification documentation: Applicant’s ID/passport copy.
  • Budget: download budget template HERE and complete budget for the invited music performance (projected expenditure, in euros (€), according to the stipulations provided in this call).
  • Festival’s 2018 programme (drafts accepted).
  • Letter from the invited artist or band representative confirming availability and approving the project.

Additional attachments such as press coverage, web links, pictures and videos, etc. will be accepted as attachments to the application, but are not mandatory.

Which artists can you invite?

  • Artists from the following eligible countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria (Northern), Chad, Mali and Niger.
  • The music performance must take place outside the country where the invited artist, band or music project is based.
  • Applicants may consider various categories of performers including, but not limited to, bands, solo artists, DJs (who include live performances), choirs etc. Please take note of the non-eligible performances detailed below when doing so.
  • Artistic collaboration components between musicians that lead to live music performances are welcome.
  • Preference is given to outstanding artists who are ready for the international stage and whose career will benefit from being exposed to new audiences at your event.
  • All participants must be over 18 years old.

Additional Advantageous Criteria (not mandatory)

  • Applications that include more than one performance opportunity to the invited artist(s) will be an advantage. Additional opportunities may be connections for artists to perform at other festivals, within or outside the festival’s country, to extend their tour, collaborate with other artists, etc.
  • In addition, the music festival must preferably be able to support the artist or band with exposure such as interviews and social media marketing.
  • Preference will be given to artists with limited opportunities to tour outside their country.

Non-eligible music performances/applications

  • Music performances supporting political parties or religious faith.
  • Fundraising events, such as charity galas.
  • Applications that do not fulfil the criteria.
  • Incomplete applications.

Type of support

Financial Support

Applicants may request up to €5 000.

Eligible costs that may be included in the requested amount:

  • Visa costs: Budget limit – €200.
  • Travel and transportation costs (including airport transfers and local ground transport): Budget limit – €3 000.
  • Daily meal allowance (per diem): Budget limit – max €25 per day per person and total budget must not exceed €600.
  • Accommodation: Budget Limit – max €50 per day per person and total budget must not exceed €1 200.

Budget stipulation notes

  • All budget limits mentioned above need to be strictly adhered to;
  • It is mandatory that you use the provided budget template. Click HERE to download the file (the link is also provided in the application form).

Please note that only one non-band member included in the travelling parties can be covered (manager or sound engineer).

Non-eligible costs (to be covered by the festival)

The purpose of the support is to make the mobility of the artist possible. As such, the festival will be responsible for the production and all other cost, e.g. technical support: stage, sound, lighting equipment etc.

  • Performance fees (this fee is mandatory).
  • Hospitality requirements.
  • Technical costs.
  • Publicity and marketing.
  • General running costs and overheads of the festival (organisation/company).
  • Costs that are already covered by other funding.

Administrative support

  • Administrative support via email is offered during the application process. Email
  • Additional administrative support will also be offered to successful applicants during the contracted project period.

How to apply

  • Read the call for applications carefully.
  • Create (if you haven’t already) a profile for your festival on the Music In Africa Artist & Industry section using this link: Make sure that your profile is up to date, as this is the profile that the selection committee will review. Additional content like pictures and social media links will be advantageous.

Please note: you may find your profile already created by a Music In Africa contributor. In that case, you would need to follow the online steps to claim it. Once you have control of your profile, make sure to update the information.

  • Make sure you have all the required documents.
  • Complete and submit the online application form (the link is provided at the end of this call). Two application forms are provided – in French and English. Email applications will not be considered.
  • The form will not allow applicants to save and complete later. Before you complete it, make sure you have all the required documents that will need to be attached. Required documents are clearly noted within this call for applications.

Selection process

  • The deadline for applications is 22 March 2018 (midnight CAT).
  • Successful applicants will be notified by 10 April 2018.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Only applications submitted via the dedicated online form will be considered.
  • Late applications will not be considered.

Note that a copy of your application form will automatically be sent to you by email. For transparency purposes, all beneficiary names will be published on within 30 days after they have been selected.

Application forms

You can apply in French or English.

  • Access the ENGLISH application form HERE.
  • Access the FRENCH application form HERE.

For enquiries and information, email



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Mayorkun, Sister Afia, Magnom, Keche others storm Legon for Legon Hall/WatsUp TV Concert



Nigerian Afrobeat star and DMW signed act Mayorkun is headlining the 66th Legon Hall Week artiste night.

The Concert which is in collaboration with Watsup TV will see other top Ghanaian acts like Sister Afia,  Epixode, Magnom, Dope Nation, Keche, Rudebwoy Ranking, Gemini, Opanka, Feli Nuna, Dahlin Gage, Dee Money, Ephraim, DJ Sly, Obibini, Jason El-A and many more.

The event is sponsored by Rush Energy drink and supported by  Davido Music Worldwide, The Plug, Endowed Event, SHOB Group, Jack Daniels, GhOne TV, TV7, 369 Live and

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WHITE WEDDING! Ameyaw Debrah, Elsie seal their love in classy ceremony



The white wedding between famed Ghanaian blogger Ameyaw Debrah and sweetheart Elsie, came off today Trade Fair Centre in Accra. The ceremony followed a traditional marriage days ago.

The private ceremony was witnessed by close family and friends, industry colleagues, and leading showbiz names.

Founder of Ameyaw Debrah Media, the internet mogul and his wife recently welcomed Nathan, their first son.

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FIRST PHOTOS: White Wedding of Ameyaw Debrah currently underway…



The white wedding between ace blogger Ameyaw Debrah and sweetheart Elsie, is currently ongoing at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra. The ceremony follows a traditional marriage days ago.

The couple’s love story is being witnessed by close family and friends, industry colleagues, and leading showbiz names.

Founder of Ameyaw Debrah Media, the internet mogul and his partner recently welcomed Nathan, their first son.

See first photos and footage of the bride’s arrival:



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