Team-based Stay Jay, who was dragged on social media for performing at TV3’s Music Music on the same night at the just – ended VGMAs, has responded to critics with a new song: Ade Do Ma Tin.

The Sue hitmaker explained the motive behind his Music Music performance on the same day that the biggest night in Ghana music was being staged: “I want them to understand that the work is more important than the awards. Which artist in Ghana can say they have never been on TV3 music music?”

“Everyone has been there before. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Besides, I was booked to perform some months back. So there was no need to cancel it because of the awards. People go to awards and get disappointed. I am not that type of person. I love my work more than the awards. My fans are my awards and I thank God for anyone supporting the stay jay brand”, he added.

Stay Jay is CEO of ASB Music, and is most popular for the 2013 hit Shashee Wowo.

The record was produced by Magnom. Listen below:

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