So I had an extremely interesting chat with an amazing personality who revealed to me the secret behind her enviable ten (10) year marriage.

She’s Felicia, a thirty-six (36) year old lady with a happy-go- lucky attitude. Surprisingly, she is amongst the handful of ladies on earth who actually believe in the practice of chastity before marriage (that was after three unsuccessful sex-filled relationships).

She started, “Naya, I was in some sort of holy and sanctified relationship with Michael for almost three (3) years before we got tied down in holy matrimony. I can’t recall the exact point in time our friendship turned into a relationship and it still baffles me till date. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments in relationships and I what I was able to deduce from my three (3) unsuccessful love boats was that, they’d all grow cold after completing their quest of “pulling down my drawls.” I used to think sex was the only sensible symbol of a never ending love so, I was always more than eager to offer it on a silver platter. I later made it a point to keep my drawls on till God sent down my very own Romeo.

Most of people (men) thought I was just pretending to play hard to get and that kind of turned me into a laughing stock (since I was quite famous for my sexual escapades). Then I met Michael Kuvi Brown, a young gentleman in his mid-thirties. He had quite a striking appearance and ooohh yea! From his tight pants I could easily tell he was packing in the lower region. We literally became the very best of friends and did almost everything together. After eight (8) months of friendship, He invited me over to his church one Sunday morning which I gladly honored. What baffled me was how he introduced me to his pastor. He said, “Papa, this is Felicia, the lady I intend on spending the rest of my life with.” I couldn’t hide my shock… (I mean, warris dis?) I took no offence to that but at least he could have given me a little heads up on the whole “wifey” introduction thing so I could have properly put my myself together (to be honest, my make-up was quite off that day). I beamed with a wide smile and said hello to pastor and a host of other curious church members, after which we left happily holding hands like newlyweds.

Naya, can you believe that Mike wanted to swim in my sacred lake? Hmmm even though I was horny as hell, I firmly stood my grounds and asked him to go home. Every word I spoke wasn’t really from my heart but I just had to let him go, at least that was the only way of securing my marriage with him; He made several attempts but I always ensured nothing happened. This went on for two more years and finally the time came for us to make it official.

I became Mrs. Kuvi Brown in a very simple and private ceremony. I thought to myself; after two years of total abstinence, It was finally about to go down! On our first night as a couple, I made sure I got rid of all the stubborn pubic hairs on my private kingdom. I washed down twice and flavored up my sexy body with my very favorite Victoria secret body splash… I could hear the angels sing from heaven and as for Michael, he was more than prepared for war. He put on Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing and joined me in bed. After twenty minutes of an incredible foreplay, he thought it wise to dive into the real pool. Naya… hmmm, he slipped down his briefs and to my disappointment, it was all balls. Ah! So all the bumps I always spied from his flap was nothing but absolute balls. I didn’t even realize he was already inside me because I was busily wondering how God could send me a good looking man with a small package; for some reasons I knew it was a punishment from above. When he asked me if liked it, I had to pretend like I was almost about to cum just to make him feel really good about his little pump action gun… what a disappointment!

I have been faking an orgasm for ten (10) years just to make my husband proud of himself but leaving me with no satisfaction. My brain has become so used to this routine that, it prompts me whenever I almost forget to fake an orgy… I have gotten so used to faking an orgasm that, at times I’m forced to believe it’s real. A happy husband makes a happy home so if my husband is always blushing after sex then at least that could keep him coming home for more. At this point I can’t even think of cheating because we already have two (2) adorable sons, Nick and Gregory, so I’m literally stuck in a sexless but happy marriage with the most incredible man. It would be unfair to bruise his ego but truth is, I’m unhappy because to me, nothing beats great sex. Do I tell him so he seeks for help or I should just keep up with the pretense?”


*By: Nana Yaa Asabea

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