Ghanaian actors and actresses put a lot into their looks, especially since the introduction of prize presentations from events. This has become some form of competition, hence the proliferation of our online space with several images from photoshoots. 

Before this time, Kobby Acheampong was one person who’s had a unique sense of fashion and still continues to display exhilarating and breathtaking style in his photos and red carpet appearances.

Kobby Acheampong is popular for his stunning performances in “Sunset at noon”,”Faithful Sin”,”Helpless Sisters”, “War against men” ,”Today’s love”, “Ada my love”,  “Royal diadem”, “before noon”, “Single six”, “Wrong Target”, “Banana babes”, “Comfort Zone”, “Only you” , “Jackie goes to school”, “Born again sister”,as well as television series; “Peep”, “Tenants”, “Kelewele”.

Here are new images of the actor courtesy Nanasei Photography:


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