Booomers International, a social enterprise that manufactures bicycles and other products from bamboo has launched another ground breaking program in its continued efforts to ensure quality education for children in rural communities. The program which has been christened “The Bike To School Program” started off last year after the company got support from UNICEF Ghana to provide one hundred and fifty Bamboo bicycles for school girls in the Nchumuru District of Ghana through the Afram Plains Development Organization. The company as part of its social efforts in working to partner with corporate bodies and development organizations to support children in rural communities have a means of transport to their schools especially in communities where there are no schools.

In April 2016, the company was approached by UNICEF to provide 150 bamboo bikes for school girls in the Nchumuru District of the Volta Region and that was the beginning of something great to happen. Talking to the CEO and Founder of Booomers, Kwabena Danso reiterated the company’s commitment to supporting education as it has done so in the past to support several kids some of whom have now been able to complete their tertiary education whilst others still in the various tertiary institutions. He said, he is so committed to this program because he had to walk about 8 miles everyday to attend school in a different town. He said the program is to supplement governments efforts in bringing quality education to several children in the hinterlands within the country. For us, it is a very big thing because many children in rural areas have to walk long distances to attend school since most communities do not have the school facilities. This situation had led to many children dropping out of school as they loose interest in education entirely. “Actually my own experience in the rural community of Petepom near Bogoso is a testimony to this. At a point, I had no interest in going to school and I nearly dropped out of school”, the CEO said.

The program seeks to provide over 5000 rural children with bikes to school within a period of 10 years. Mr. Danso urged corporate bodies and development organizations to support the program to ensure the vision and dream of the rural child become a reality.

Booomers international is a social enterprise which manufactures bicycles and other accessories with bamboo. The company which has had its products in over 7 countries in Europe, North America and Australia invests a substantial amount of its profits in the social development of the communities we operate in. They provide need based scholarships for children in rural areas and libraries to rural schools. The organization with its partners through its sister organization is putting up a model school to support education in the rural communities in which it operates. Currently, Booomers offers Bicycles, tricycles, balance bikes and phone speakers for local and international market.



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