I have a confession:

I’ve been promoting locally made goods for the past couple of years and have not focused enough on you, the Ghanaian consumer. This has primarily been out of fear that you simply will not buy the amazing products I’m selling.

So, I ran away from my responsibility to convince you of the value of our products and focused instead, on selling to our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora.

I was wrong and I’m deeply sorry.

I can no longer ignore the growing pool of Ghanaians who would gladly buy locally made goods if they knew enough about the creativity and innovation that goes into making them.

I have failed you and promise to do better at focusing on the characteristics that differentiate our local products and brands from the imported products you’ve grown used to buying.

Most importantly, I will find a way to make our locally made products extremely affordable so you do not only shop online with ease but save.

We’ve already started giving ALL products on  at a 30% discount on all local orders. We plan on keeping this for the rest of the year in addition to a series of exciting sales.

To be honest, the bulk of our money goes to the post office. So, supplying locally also takes the burden of giving almost all our money to the post office.

I personally cannot wait to fulfill all your orders. We’ve gotten some really exciting orders from people in Accra already, we just need to sort out logistics to those who are out of Accra.


By: Dziffa Akua Ametam

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