Retired veteran broadcaster Mr. Mike Eghan has been honored with a lifetime documentary produced by Mr. Andrew Gyawu-Mensah of First Digital TV. The private screening of the documentary was held at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Ridge on Friday evening.

Kwaku Sintim Misa, popularly known as KSM who was part of the high profile personalities to attend the screening has revealed that, his show, THE KSM SHOW is a direct replica of the Mike Eghan show.

He revealed this to Nana Yaa Anima Boateng of Spyderlee Entertainment TV, during the screening.

According to KSM, Mike Eghan inspired him as far back as 1973. He  saw Mike Eghan on TV doing what then was called the ‘MIKE EGHAN SHOW,’ which is what he (KSM) is  doing now.

He added that, the KSM Show is a  replica of what the ‘MIKE EGHAN SHOW’ was about; interviews, entertainment, serious political talks. So the KSM Show is a product of the Mike Eghan show. And the Mike Eghan show legacy is what we are seeing on THE KSM SHOW now.

KSM went on to thank Mike Eghan for the inspiration, and also commended the producers who put the documentary together.

The KSM Show is a talk show that features the legendary satirist, Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM) and has been running for the past decade on Metropolitan Television (Metro TV).

Mr. Eghan is a retired broadcaster, having worked with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation as Assistant Program Organiser of Live Entertainment. He worked with the Volta River Authority as Entertainment Manager. He also served as a Freelance Broadcaster and Presenter for the BBC World Service and the host of the Ghanaian popular talk show, ‘Mike Eghan Show’. He’s won several awards including the Grand Medal Civil Division for his meritorious service in the media.

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