Promasidor Ghana, manufacturers of leading food brand Onga, Saturday broke the record for the World’s Longest Feast Table at an event held in Accra.

The Black Star Square event saw over 3000 people witness the 1,928.18 metres record-breaking feat, which had great entertainment throughout a seven-hour stretch.

Officials from the Guinness Book of Records have since certified the record, which was previously held by Afia International in Saudi Arabia.

Organizers say the feat is one not only for the company but also for Ghana as a country.

Participants at Saturday’s event including children from selected orphanages, were not only part of history but also treated to rich entertainment; music, and free food.

The Onga brand was launched in Ghana in 2004 with an introduction of five distinct powdered flavors namely Onga Stew, Onga Shrimp, Onga Chicken, Onga Classic and Onga 3-mix.

In 2011, Onga introduced a new product, the Onga Tablet that revolutionized the culinary space. It has since become a local delight.

The brand has also rolled out countless Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities as a way of reassuring its Ghanaian consuming publicĀ of its supportĀ to their growth and development.

The idea for a Guinness Book of Records started in the early 1950s.

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