Tourism in Ghana is the fourth highest foreign exchange earner with a huge potential of overtaking gold, cocoa, foreign remittances and oil. This is against the backdrop of a relatively low level of investment to the sector.

According to the National Tourism Development Plan (2013 – 2027) development of the human resource involved in tourism is one of the key requirements for the transformation of the sector in Ghana.

As its contribution to transforming the sector, a Nasoa Services is organizing a three city tourism training programme in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, the Ghana Tourism Federation the Musicians Union of Ghana (GHATOF) and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) with support from the U.S Embassy. The programme will run from April 23 to 29 in Kumasi, Ada and Cape Coast.

The programme will involve two speaker specialists from the United States of America Darienne Mobley a national tourism expert who specializes in strategic planning, tourism assessments, leadership, training and marketing. The Mississippi based consultant has consulted for over twenty five tourism associations and state offices in the U.S.

The second speaker specialist Nisa Miranda is director of the University of Alabama Center for Economic Development (UACED) which among others, develops capacity building programmes aimed at increasing tourism and outdoor recreation programming and destinations. The Alabama based expert has worked with numerous institutions and on various projects in the hospitality and arts sectors.

Other speakers at the training programmes include Akunu Dake a cultural activist and CEO of Heritage Development, culture and tourism development and event management consultancy. Mr Dake has worked as Executive Director of PANAFEST, former Chairman of the Ghana Tourism Authority and co-convener of the Ghana Culture Forum, a civil society organization of creative arts practitioners and institutions.

Oscar Yao Doe, Executive Chairman of Eurostar Global Limousines, a Pan-African luxury car rental company and founder of Doscar Travel and Tours and Euro Tours which has interests and concerns across the world will also be speaking at the programmes.

The final speaker is Nana Kweku Nduom, Vice President of Business Development and Finance at Group Nduom whose responsibilities include their hotel chain across the country.



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