Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty, known widely in this country for his 2011 hit song Obianuju, has dismissed the assertion that Ghana music is taking over Nigerian music. He made this submission to Pulse Nigeria while answering a question on Ghana’s influence on the Nigerian sound lately.

“You can’t say Ghana music is taking over Nigeria music”, he began. “It’s not possible. Ghana music is Ghana music. Mozambique music is Mozambique music. Nigerian music is Nigerian music”.

While he admitted to an excellent fusion between Ghanaian and Nigerian music over the years as a result of love, he stressed that Ghanaian music usually records success in Nigeria if Nigerian acts are recruited on them: “If you want to tell me Ghana songs are taking over Nigeria, say the truth: which Ghana song is reigning in Nigeria and there’s no Nigerian on it? Let’s be sincere. How many Sarkodie songs that is  [sic] blowing in Nigeria that there’s [sic] no Nigerian on it? It’s not possible. Any Ghana song you see doing well in Nigeria has a Nigerian on it”, he pointed out.

This debate is a never-ending one. Months ago, Mr. Eazi came under severe backlash from his Native country for suggesting that a certain Ghanaian “groove” is evident on contemporary tunes from Nigeria. Many also observe a peculiar Ghanaian characteristic about both Runtown’s Mad Over You and Davido’s If.

Watch the full interview below:

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