Popular comedian Derick Robina Bonney (DKB) has requested of the President Akufo Addo to follow up the construction of the national cathedral with a big venue for entertainment events.

“After the building of the cathedral, His Excellency should consider building a huge hall for the showbiz industry. It is going to be a better and bigger avenue to contain the crowd for events. Our shows have become bigger than what the auditoriums can provide therefore causing  over crowded shows”, he pointed out in a  recent interview.

The added, that the small size of our current auditoriums leads to exorbitant ticket prices, limiting the number of people who can go and enjoy shows: “People want to attend the shows but the auditoriums are too small. Take the National theatre or Conference Centre for example, last year many shows were held there and because of the overcrowded audiences the temperature in the halls was always high. If we have a big auditorium, heat and overcrowding wouldn’t be a problem.”

DKB is not the first to speak on this matter as many of his colleagues in the industry have bemoaned the lack of  adequate venues to serve the nation’s rapidly expanding showbiz sector.

DKB gained international fame as one of the celebrity housemates on Big Brother Africa (2012). He’s also convener of the hilarious monthly series Comedy Express, and was recently announced brand ambassador for the Boardroom Men’s Grooming Centre in Accra.

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