The rebirth of the popular television series “Inspector Bediako”, has witnessed an immense turnout at its two-day audition, aimed to select suitable contenders for the renaissance of the detective series soon to hit television screens.

Up and coming actors, actresses, video editors et al across the country stormed Accra to exhibit their talent to a panel of three judges based on the different scripts they were given.

Inspector Bediako, is a popular detective television series created by Mr Kojo Yankah and produced by Dateline Productions Limited in the 1990’s, is coming back to entertain viewers both in Ghana and beyond. “Bediako” in Akan means ‘fight against injustice’,

Inspector Bediako is an iconic, intelligent and smart- looking figure, who leads a crack team of investigators- namely, Inspector Bediako, Ayesha and Teiko,- to fight against crime, injustice, bribery, corruption, cyber fraud, among others in Africa.Using rare insights, tip-offs, modern technology, and latest communication gadgets as well as a natural feel for information gathering, Inspector Bediako unravels and resolves mysteries of all kinds that daunt and thrill television viewers.Mr Nat Lomo-Mainoo, the Producer and the Chief Executive Officer of Vision In Motion, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said, the programme was targeted at the public, the youth, male and female, corporate Ghana, civil society organisations, working professionals, students, embassies and the diplomatic corps.

He said the TV series would be aired in the third quarter of the year to entertain viewers.

Inspector Bediako educates that crime does not pay, and one can run but cannot hide when he or she commits a crime which would educate the public.

Ms Jamin Amoh, a former 4syte TV presenter and a freelance actress who auditioned said: “This is an excellent opportunity to act in a detective series to fight crime and from the African perspective we need it as a people to develop.”


Credit: Ghana News Agency 

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