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US-based Black Enterprise magazine celebrates “extraordinary entrepreneur” Peace Hyde



Following the recent success of her sensational new Forbes Africa TV Talk show, My Worst Day with Peace Hyde which had an explosive launch this Wednesday with the powerhouse interview with Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, popular US magazine Black Enterprise has featured the talented media personality on its prestigious platform as one of the leading entrepreneurs in Africa to watch.

Black Enterprise is a monthly U.S. magazine that describes itself as “the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for African Americans.” Since the 1970s, the magazine has been the most popular publication devoted to African-American businesses with a readership of 3.7 million.

Hyde’s global success as an award winning media personality and her life changing work through Aim Higher Africa has earned her a place in the coveted BE Inspires series which exclusively profiles extraordinary people in business from all over the world who are fulfilling a life of purpose, passion and prosperity. In the feature dubbed, “Media Personality Peace Hyde Using Business to Transcend Poverty in Africa”, the multiple award-winning entrepreneur talks to Black Enterprise about her inspirational journey and how her passion for education is redefining pedagogies in Africa.


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Growing up in a strict Ghanaian household in the United Kingdom, education was a priority for media entrepreneur Peace Hyde. In her words, “If you’re not a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer, then what are you doing with your life?” But despite the pressure from her family to become a doctor and her strong interest in science, Hyde preferred the arts over dissecting frogs in Biology class.


Surprisingly, Hyde’s mother did not fret much when she set out on her first musical performance in Mary Poppins at age 11. She says her mother is “like Superwoman, she does everything well.” Her mother’s desire to instill those same ‘superwoman’ qualities in her daughter prompted Hyde to be equally as cultured as she was educated. Despite her mom’s acknowledgment of her daughter’s gift of commanding an audience, tradition made Hyde’s mother adverse to her young daughter pursuing any career in the arts.


So for over a decade, Hyde studied the sciences—ultimately leading to a career teaching chemistry, biology, and physics in the UK.  Peace achieved great successes as an educator, but her desire to be in front of an audience never left her spirit. In 2014, she moved “back home” to Ghana to pursue her childhood passion of acting. A year later, she scored her first role in MTV’s Shuga as an HIV positive mother and mentor. Though her childhood dream was being realized, Hyde found little rest when she witnessed the unthinkable.


It was at the street markets in metropolitan Ghana that she witnessed children working long hours, carrying heavy loads on their heads, for less than $1 a day. She knew that she couldn’t just be a bystander, witnessing the ills of streetism—a common practice in Ghana where children are forced to spend most of their time outside their homes, engaging in menial income-generating activities in order to survive; oftentimes having to sleep on the rough streets. Hyde, day in and day out, would travel to the marketplace and approach children saying, “Let me pay you for a day’s work, and in exchange, you allow me to teach you how to start your own business.” It was there that she took her skills as an educator and former child psychologist to start a movement. She set out on a mission of “bridging the gap between poverty and prosperity” by creating Aim Higher Africa. According to Hyde, the goal is simple, “to build a dynamic network of Youngpreneurs that create sustainable and scalable businesses.”


Hyde sat down with Black Enterprise to discuss how in less than three years, she and her team at Aim Higher Africa have started over 500 small businesses for former street kids—that now employ over 2,000 youth across the continent of Africa.


BE: How long have you been in business? 

Peace: A little over three years now.


BE: How have you used the business of education to empower the next generation?

Peace:  When I relocated to Africa to pursue acting, I worked as a consultant for an international school in Ghana to pay the bills. My role as a consultant was to ensure that teachers, children, and parents have rigorous and engaging experience that better prepare students for university, business, life, and beyond. Giving students and schools the structure they needed to strengthen the quality of education as a whole, was very fulfilling and ultimately led to the creation of Aim Higher Consulting.


BE: How has the power of education changed your life?

Peace:  I always knew I wanted to make an impact and I have always seen education as a powerful tool for social change. Education transforms the lives of youth living in extreme poverty. When you see someone begin to understand concepts that you or I take for granted and how those concepts—like literacy or numeracy—opens up a whole new world for them, it’s a phenomenal experience. I now focus more resources on using education to develop the right mindset for youth to achieve their fullest potential.


BE: What unique challenge(s) have you faced in breaking stereotypes?

Peace:  One of the biggest stumbling blocks for women is the power of negative perception. Even though we have come a long way, there is still a strong male chauvinistic culture in Africa and most parts of the world. No matter how much a woman achieves, it is still not enough unless she is married. And when she is married and successful, it is still not enough unless she has children. Women are simply meant to play a type of role and unfortunately being a “mogul” is just not good enough. I’ve fought for the financial inclusion of women in business and am working to bridge the gender gap for men and women. Through my More Than A Woman initiative, we’ve provided about $350,000 to women-owned businesses.


BE: How is the work that you do a form of activism?

Peace:  At Aim Higher Africa, we created an initiative to address ‘streetism’ in Ghana. There are an estimated 25,000 street children in the greater Accra area alone. These children are exposed to all sorts of dangerous conditions like abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, stealing for food and basic survival. We reach out to these same children and give them the tools necessary to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. We create campaigns reaching government and state institutions that have astonishing [results]. Today, we have created over 500 small businesses, which provide employment to over 2,000 youth across Africa.


BE: What are three tips for bridging the gap between technology and learning in impoverished communities?

Peace:  First, we must address the issue of accessibility to finances—financial institutions should focus on providing financial literacy by partnering with microfinance companies who can facilitate programs that incorporate technology in the learning programs.

Second, there must be resources readily available—products that facilitate the incorporation of IT in learning. Organizations can donate old computers and telecommunications services to local communities that bridge the gap between technology and learning—like smartphones and internet access.

More importantly, there must be accessibility to human capital—providing the right human resource training in impoverished communities.

Once the issue of accessibility is solved, it becomes extremely easy to deliver any tech-led learning program, in any impoverished community.


BE: What legacy do you want to leave with your work?

Peace:  There is an old African proverb, “Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” I want to leave a legacy of someone who fought to make an impact and show the youth in Africa and all over the world that they can achieve their fullest potential no matter what life throws at them.


BE: Who inspires you?

Peace:  The work of Oby Ezekwesili; from speaking up to the Nigerian government when over 200 girls got abducted by terrorists to launching the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, her work has played a key role in how I perceive the importance of taking action. In a country plagued with corruption, she stood for what was right and caused the world to pay attention.


In her role as host of Forbes AfricaTV’s, My Worst Day with Peace Hyde, Hyde has learned that the most successful business moguls all have insurmountable odds to overcome. By blending her roots in education with her passion for media, giving, and entrepreneurship, Peace Hyde is using her voice to change the globe one ‘Youngpreneur’ at a time. By giving them the tools, resources and capital to start, grow, and sustain viable businesses, Hyde is living her life’s motto of helping people understand and realize that, “So long as they trust the process, put their minds to it, and never quit, they can create whatever future they want for themselves and their families”—one business at a time.




MultiChoice Ghana Holds EPG Workshop For Broadcast Partners



The eventual completion of digital migration in Ghana will come with the capability of local free to air (FTA) stations to post a detailed electronic programme guide (EPG) on their broadcast. This would allow viewers to better plan their viewing patterns and FTA’s provide more information on their content than ever before. In line with this premium Pay TV service provider MultiChoice Ghana organized a half day workshop for its FTA partners.

In a welcome address, Cecil Sunkwa Mills, General Manager, MultiChoice Ghana, said “our business has grown hand-in-hand with local economies by forging long-term partnerships with local broadcasters” and we at MultiChoice Ghana are proud of the contribution we make to our communities, and will not hesitate to share international best practice to impact positively on our local broadcast partners”. He added “the fast-changing lives of our viewer means they require more information on all media they consume than ever before.

He explains that set top boxes that will be deployed once Ghana concludes digital migration has the functionality of a TV guide which can be populated with programming details.  Currently all DStv and GOtv decoders on the market have this feature and subscribers are unable to schedule reminders on their decoders to watch or record their favourite show. Unfortunately, most of the local FTA’s do not have a functional EPG uploaded, leaving viewers in the dark on information on what they are watching or want to watch.

Facilitating the workshop, PR and Communications Managers, MultiChoice Ghana, Nii Amah Dagadu, took participants through the essence, requirements, functionality of the EPG and the benefits for both the TV station and viewers. Participants were drawn from the programming departs of the following TV stations available on DStv and GOtv TV3, GHone TV, Etv, Utv, TV Africa and Multi TV. There was a hands-on demonstration of how the EPG works on DStv and GOtv to reemphasize the lessons learnt.

Participants commended MultiChoice Ghana for this timely intervention adding that a notable feature to expect in the New Year will be an updated EPG on their DStv and GOtv feeds and ultimately on their channels when Ghana finally migrates onto the digital platform.




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World of Champions secures UEFA Champions League for DStv viewers in Africa



As the destination of choice for Africa’s soccer lovers, SuperSport is thrilled to confirm that it has renewed broadcast rights to the prestigious UEFA Champions League for DStv customers.

SuperSport was recently involved in a public tender process and confirmed a three-year partnership with the rights holders. The renewal starts from the 2018/19 season.

“This is a momentous day for SuperSport and our DStv customers,” said chief executive Gideon Khobane. “The UEFA Champions League features many of the world’s top players and enthralls soccer fans like little else. We are privileged to be able to tell this great story year after year via high-quality broadcasts.”

SuperSport’s rights include television, mobile and internet platforms, extend across sub-Saharan Africa and supplement a world-class soccer offering that includes the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia and many other top soccer properties, ensuring that DStv customers enjoy the best sports viewing on the continent.



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Starr FM’s Osei Owusu Amankwaah marries college sweetheart – SEE IMAGES!



An 8-year romance that began in journalism school finally came to fruition over the weekend for Starr FM journalist Osei Owusu Amankwaah and Maabena Dohu Mensah of the Multimedia Group.

The colourful  wedding ceremony came off at the Church Of Pentecost (Tema  Comm. 1 Assembly), and was attended by colleagues in the media fraternity including Joy FM’s Komla Adom, respected deejay Andy Dosty, Jerry Justice, Kweku Obeng Adjei, Francis Abban, Ridwan Karim Dini-Osman of GH One among others.

In a symbolic act honouring the genesis of their story, the couple, radiant in red, cream, and white, made a triumphant return to the Ghana Institute of Journalism for a special photoshoot which has since gone viral across social media.

Amankwaah and Maabena’s story has been met with endless goodwill messages, and been described by friends and well-wishers as a true fairytale that is one more proof that love stories still exist.

We from ENEWSGH wish the newly-weds the very best of marriage.

See images from the ceremony below:

s the

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Regina Van Helvert grabs ambassadorial deal with top UK brand



Actress, radio and TV presenter Regina Van Helvert has bagged a brand ambassadorial deal with a leading UK brand.

The deal, which is said to be a huge one, comes with great commercials which will be on screens soon.

Even though there hasn’t been any visible association yet, sources have gathered it is an electrical appliance company which seeks to promote its brand in Ghana.

Regina is currently one of Ghana’s favourite and adorable daughters of the screens. Hostess of Rythmzlive on GHone TV which airs from 1:30 pm – 3 pm, as well as Live FM’s Young,Wild & Free. Her relationship with Ghana’s entertainment industry commenced with her participation in the Miss Malaika Ghana pageant years ago.


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IMAGES: Zone Three 6 introduces VJ Koko



For someone who has an interest in music, a career as a video disk jockey could be fulfilling and highly remunerative.

The job of a video jockey is to provide information on music videos and host music video related contents.

A video jockey should have the characteristics of being witty, interactive and updated on the new trends in music.

A video jockey currently carving a niche for herself is none other than Ifeoma Okonkwo Kaosisochukwu of the Zonethree6 Media outlet.

The versatile and highly talented video jockey who also doubles as a beautician believes in self-development and has cravings for professional qualifications. “I have the dedication to put in the time and effort to get professional qualifications that will support my ambition”.

KOKO which she predominantly uses as her brand name believes her work ethics and her level of scrutiny and attention to detail sets her apart from the rest as her name even represents that claim.  “In Nigeria, the term Koko means SUBJECT MATTER] 0r the most important thing and as a VJ that would be what my name stands for because I will basically be bringing to them the ‘koko’ the most important thing”.

Koko also represents the view that not being a quitter and paying minds to words won’t bring her down but rather will make her stronger and better.

It’s little surprise that Koko has received great reviews from peers and industry players alike on her quest to become the best.

SEE Photos:

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 2017 DStv Eutelsat Star Awards launched 



The 2017 DStv Eutelsat Star Awards competition is back with a bang after scooping a Better Satellite Award at the third annual Better Satellite World Awards gala dinner in London last night.  The awards honour established companies along with disruptive innovators who make the world a more prosperous, healthier, better-educated, sustainable and inclusive home for humankind. Drawing on six years of success across the continent, the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards is returning for a 7th edition. Students from secondary (high) or combined schools can enter from today by writing a creative essay or designing a poster based on the following topic: “It’s sixty years since the first satellite, Sputnik, was launched, broadcasting a unique and easily captured ‘beep, beep, beep’ signal. Looking back at this historic moment, write an essay or design a poster depicting how satellites have launched humankind into the 21st Century and acted as a unifier.”


Reach for the stars

The prizes of this innovative competition are as big as the dreams of a young, energised African generation ready to shape the evolution of our continent. Selected from thousands of entries by a high-standard jury, the essay winner will be eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to Paris, France in the company of Eutelsat, and onwards to French Guiana to see a rocket launch into space. The poster winner will win a trip for two to South Africa which includes a visit to the South African National Space Agency as well as exploration of several heritage sites as guests of MultiChoice Africa. The schools attended by the two winners will also receive a DStv installation, including a dish, TV, decoder and free access to the DStv Education Package.


Open to learners with a passion for technology

The DStv Eutelsat Star Awards are open to all learners from secondary (high) or combined schools on the continent where MultiChoice Africa maintains operations. Entry forms can be obtained from any MultiChoice Resource Centre, the nearest MultiChoice office or via Entries are accepted in English, French and Portuguese and will be judged on the basis of high-standard criteria of accuracy, creativity, originality and innovation. For the first time this year students are also invited to engage with the Awards community through a dedicated Facebook page.

 The competition closes on 12 February 2018. Only entries submitted on the official entry form will be eligible. The overall winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in March 2018.

All details on the judging criteria, national prizes and finalists’ selection are available on the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards website:


Supporting Africa’s education needs

MultiChoice Africa and Eutelsat are convinced of the power of science and technology education to encourage young minds to positively change their world. Now in its 7th year, their joint initiative, the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards, inspire innovative thinking among a young African generation. This pan-African collaboration has created a meaningful engagement with students, the academic community and the scientific world. Since the start of the DStv Eutelsat Star Awards in 2011, over 6,000 students have taken part in this unique competition.

Founded in 1977, Eutelsat Communications is one of the world’s leading satellite operators. With a global fleet of satellites and associated ground infrastructure, Eutelsat enables clients across Video, Data, Government, Fixed and Mobile Broadband markets to communicate effectively to their customers, irrespective of their location. Over 6,700 television channels operated by leading media groups are broadcast by Eutelsat to one billion viewers equipped for DTH reception or connected to terrestrial networks. Headquartered in Paris, with offices and teleports around the globe, Eutelsat assembles 1,000 men and women from 32 countries who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service. 

Entertainment is a powerful way to tell stories that open our minds, bring people together around shared passions, and connect us to new realities. It makes us laugh and cry. It informs, it educates and it inspires. MultiChoice is a video entertainment company, and our purpose is to enrich lives. We make the best in entertainment accessible to millions of households in 49 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. We do this through cutting-edge technology on our DStv and GOtv platforms – delivering the content our customers love and contributing to the success of local economies. Born and bred in Africa, we are rooted in the countries where our customers live. We are managed and run by local people, and strive to provide all our employees with new opportunities. We’re proud of the contribution we make to our communities, and our business has grown hand-in-hand with local economies by forging long-term partnerships with governments, national broadcasters and entrepreneurs. We want to use our influence and resources to play a positive role in Africa, helping to grow Africa’s people and creative industries into vibrant, economic powerhouses. It’s by creating value for our customers, our employees and society that we’ll build a successful business for the future.



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