Cheating on a good woman is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock- Anonymous.

Our letter for review this week is from Yolanda Aku Shika; a thirty- two (32) year old beauty who works with one of the reputable media firms in the Ghana. She has been in an amazing relationship with her ‘prince charming’ for about a year and six months. Both have now decided to make it official then about a month to their wedding ceremony, he cheated. Read on!

“Naya, I never thought a time would come that I would actually write about a heartbreak but here I am today, about to share with you the vivid details of the most disappointing day of my entire life. My fiancé, Christopher Boateng, recently popped the question of marriage which I gladly accepted. Everything has been going really smooth between us until the recent valentine weekend; permit to say that I had no idea that the man of my dreams could be this shallow. Due to our regular busy weekday schedule, we couldn’t make ample time to be with each other on St. Valentine’s Day which unfortunately fell on a Tuesday. We however planned to spend quality time together that weekend at the plush Royal Senchi resort in Akosombo.

“On Saturday, 18th February 2017, I woke up feeling very excited about our trip to Akosombo. After my wrapping up my household chores, I decided to call my sweetheart to start getting ready only for him to tell me that he was already there and as a matter of fact he got there the previous night. I was astonished and couldn’t say a word; all he added was “babe can you please get a cab here, ill sort you out when you get here… I love you” and just like that, he hanged up. After a few minutes of unnecessary thinking I packed into a cab and started my journey to the Royal Senchi.

As soon as we got to the toll booth on the Tema Motorway I called to check on him because I was truly missing his company. Chris immediately asked of my whereabouts and added that I should have informed him before leaving the house because the weather over there had changed and all activities including boat rides had come to an end and to prove that, he had the guts to send a selfies of his annoying face with the cloudy weather in the background; I angrily snapped and asked “Why Chris? If all activities had ended does that mean the river at Senchi has been collected into a pan? I’m coming over because of you and if you’re so uncomfortable with that, then just let me know so I don’t waste time home.” he immediately apologized and asked me not to go back home. I got to the resort at exactly 5:39pm and I found Chris (who looked not so happy to see me) resting by the lake with his hot body in shorts only but something seemed a little off. I walked up to him and saw a lady’s purse on the table; Chris upon seeing the questioning look on my face quickly said ‘babe, guess who I met here on my way in? My godfather’s daughter, Trisha. She was seated here a few minutes ago before walking down that path to the summer hut area.’ Right after he said that, I saw a tall dark lady walking towards us in an extremely sexy bikini and my instincts kept bugging me that she is the one Chris mentioned earlier… and true she was. She quickly picked up her purse and walked off into the reception with an angry look on her face.

Chris without saying a word walked in the same direction as her, spoke to her for a few minutes and walked back with her to our table. She introduced herself, sat down with us for almost an hour and finally decided to go to her room. Naya, I am very sure the biggest of fools would find it easy to detect that something was just off; Chris and I left an hour later to finally retire for the day. At 7:00 am the next day, we were awoken by a strong knock on our door… my fiancé dashed out of bed to find out who or what it was, only to find Trisha fully clothed and her bag packed on the other side of the door asking my very own fiancé to pack out so they leave the resort. I could hear Chris asking her to give him a few minutes. I was boiling up inside but still kept my cool as the real lady I was brought up to be. We had breakfast and in after an hour, started the journey to Accra. This Trisha was seated at the front with my fiancé who at this point saw that he had made a fool of himself by inviting both his main and side chics on a trip… I was praying silently in my heart to God who indeed helped me contain my anger and frustration.

I watched how this disease of a lady was talking to my fiancé as if he was a little boy. He first dropped her at east Legon and later dropped me at my end after a long and silent drive. He followed me into the house amidst tears and begged me to forgive him. I asked him in a very calm way to leave my house and never to call me again. He’s still texting and flooding my phone with messages but I’m still hurting. Just a month to our wedding and he found it appropriate to invite his lover on a trip initially planned for us. And what hurts me is the fact that he actually lied to me about meeting her at the resort when they actually drove there together.

“Should I just brush it off, forgive him and marry him or I should just call off the wedding?”

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By: Nana Yaa Asabea.

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