Slated for D Black’s Club Onyx on march 5th, TwentyOneThirtyOne‘s Indecent party, which coincides with the marking of Ghana’s diamond jubilee, is set to daze patrons as it promises to be the “Wildest Independence Day rave”.
TwentyOneThirtyOne has, for something like a decade, been known to curate some of the most memorable parties the city has witnessed, which places this one atop the list of parties during the season.
Music will be superintended by revered radio/ club jocjies including DJ Vision, DJ Mingle, DJ Micsmith, DJ Kess, DJ Lord, and Sheldon The Turn Up, who are known for their exquisite playlists of  Afrobeats, hiphop, hip life and related genres.
Attendees are required to show up with touch of red yellow green white or black.

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