‘Twas the last call

Not the kind of call they’d receive every day of the days of a lifetime
But the voices only managed a hard-throb at the back
Yes, the back of their heads
And being the well thought out plan
They just walked it off
Even as the cement blocks that lined the path
The very path for which that last call came from –
Wobbled under their racing feet
“It is threatening to rain yet you expect that I would return
Return to dig
And to lift
And to throw into
And to push and push until
Until that muddy pool is hardened.
I just cannot be
No I cannot be a part of this.”
After all, enough
Yeah yeah, so many people around can do the job
Maybe some other
Yes, some other time
But Alas! ‘Twas the last call.

‘Twas the last call
Oh yes, the agenda to party was it
And everyone else was ready
And everyone else was waiting
And everyone else wanted me there
And everyone else
And everyone else
Just everyone else looked out for my arrival.
Besides, I was not having any alcohol today
And I cannot miss out on all of them
Just imagine all of the fine ones
The fine, slim, tall, pretty, saucy and juicy ones
The beautiful hand-maidens of Heaven
No way, I should not miss it
I was young and agile and free
And fun had to feel this good
But wait,
Who is that?
Who is that calling out to me?
Who? Who?
No! I would not be delayed
That call can wait
Oh, it was the very call
Now the calls have ceased
But Alas! ‘Twas the last call.

‘Twas the last call
Oh my world
Those breasts against my body
The sensation
The feeling
The feel
The warmth
And the warm reality
Indeed, there was something
Something far better than all of it
And I didn’t have to worry
Worry about what?
I shouldn’t be worried about all of that
Besides, my years on earth are many
And I am young and agile and free
I had to do this
Her beckoning
The intensity
The insistence
Oh no, hold on
Not again
Did I hear my name?
No no, not again
Now I must elope
Run away with this damsel
Again it stops
But Alas! ‘Twas the last call.

‘Twas the last call
I was not drunk
Never even had water before it sounded
Sounding almost as loud as a loudspeaker
In my ear
And my body shook with it
I must be going crazy
My head, throbbing
My heart, pacing
My hands, shaking
My brain, cemented
My life, gone
Gone with the crash
That head-on collision
With the truck
And the sand it conveyed
For my spine
And my bones
And my heart
And my head
And my legs
And my life; my life
Gone with the crash
It was that call
But Alas! ‘Twas the last call.



Etsey Atisu is a journalist/ writer based in Accra.  His forthcoming debut project “Epistles to my Bubune” is scheduled for release soon. 

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