How many times have you heard “It’s ya boy Eeeeeaaaazi” in 2017 so far?

Jokes aside, Mr Eazi has been one of the busiest artists on the continent for the last few years (especially when he’s not comparing Nigerian music to Ghanaian music) and this has led to some members of the West African press asking a rather interesting question:
“Does Mr Eazi release too much music”
On the one hand, is there such a thing as too much music? Surely the goal of a musician is to release as much music as possible in order to really be popping in the streets.
However, when you’re dropping and releasing material, often without any clear strategy, then maybe it might be time to sit back and start making plans for how you want to make the most of your new material.
There’s no doubting that Eazi knows how to make good music. But he now needs to start distributing it like a top artist.

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