Royal Commodities a subsidiary of Royal Group has  unveiled Baby Lorde (daughter of actress and producer Kafui Danku) as brand ambassador for their new product Royal Monopoly diapers. The announcement was made at a brief ceremony held at Royal Group’s Premises earlier today.

Speaking at the event,  General Manager for Royal Commodities expounded to the media, the quality of the product, as well as the motive behind the partnership: “the Royal Monopoly Diaper is the highest product you will ever find on the market…we felt there is no better combination for this product than Kafui and baby Lorde, so after our internal deliberations, we decided to go for Baby Lorde as the face of the product Royal Monopoly baby diaper.”

The Silver Rain actress expressed optimism about the product’s potential on the market, touting it’s quality over competing brands.

The 18-month contract, which is subject to renewal, will see Baby Lorde and Kafui Danku feature in adverts (billboard,video and radio jingles), documentaries and other activations across the country.


See photos below:

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