Directed by Stephen Ekeso, STAR-STUDDED has been described by producers as a never-before seen project that will light up our screens, and as the name suggests, parades an array of A-list celebrities the country has birthed.

A five-cast team, which will be permanent  for every episode, consists of rapper Dr. Cryme, actress/writer Jemilla Suleman (who has worked on productions such as Shampaign, Office Palava, Twisted Tips among others), Mentor and MTN Project Fame alumnus Nii Soul, actor/model Edwin Agbeli Jnr, who starred in Twisted Tips and Sunshine Avenue, as well as Clemento Suarez; a stage and film actor and comedian on Master and Three Maids and other notable plays.

Created and produced by Jemilla Suleman for JS Events Ghana, it promises ample doses of humour and information at the same time, enacting stories on a variety of topics and focusing on societal issues among the youth. It will also be available on all major social media platforms.

See exclusive behind-the-scene photos below:





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