#VIMYAAZO: Conversation with sportswear “mayniak” David Buckman

Nima native Abdul Rashid Zakari is a maniac – or more appropriately, Mayniak (the name of the sportswear brand he founded two years ago). At 30, he’s CEO of the outfit, and looks to revolutionize sportswear on the continent. He walks briskly, and his speech is hurried.  He also wears a constant smile, is generally hyperactive, and exudes an unmistakable passion for discourse around sportswear for Africa. He sports a funky jacket with lapel flower pins over blue athletic pants he designed himself –the word Mayniak crawling down his right leg. “As you can see, this is super-dry material which is good for our weather”, he proclaims later in our conversation. The insides of the fabric are made of a sort … Continue reading #VIMYAAZO: Conversation with sportswear “mayniak” David Buckman