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LYDIA FORSON WRITES: When the counselor needs counselling – the curious case of George Lutterodt



I came to accept a long time ago that for many men in Ghana especially, the value of a woman is dependent on whether or not she’s married and has children.

All her achievements automatically mean nothing if she hasn’t met any of the above requirements.
You can take care of 100 orphans and it will mean nothing if you don’t have  children of your own.

You can be married to an abusive husband, and your worth will still be more than a successful woman without one.

Oh but it doesn’t end there, after you’ve finally caved to the pressures of society you have to hope agree with who you want to marry,   or it’s back to the pool of the “unworthy”.

And people like Counselor George Lutterodt only reinforces these stereotypes.

And because of his like, many young girls will feel unfulfilled, undesirable and worthless if they haven’t found a man to share their life with.

But let’s be clear, marriage can be a beautiful thing if it’s with the right person, and marriage isn’t forEVERYONE either, which should be ok.

We all have a journey in life, and when you try to force something that isn’t part of your journey, you’re only causing yourself unnecessary headache.

Also there are many things in life that are predictable, relationships are not one of them, what works for A may not necessarily work for B.

Because there are countless people out there who against all odds and predictive behaviour have stayed together in what many have deemed to be an unconventional relationship.

And that’s why no one has the right to force you into a decision about your life; friends, family and even counselors should only serve as directional signs. They can point you in a direction they believe is best for you, but the journey is eventually yours.

Which brings me to the case of Counselor George Lutterodt, a self styled Ghanaian version of Dr.Phil, an American psychologist and television host who is largely known to “tell it like it is”.

ONLY Dr.Phil is a  qualified psychologist and because of this, belongs  to an association that call easily call him to order if he crosses the line.

Now I don’t know much about Counselor George Lutterodt’s background or qualification, but I do know that if he were a trained professional  he would understand the human psychology and the impact of his words and how demoralizing and damaging they can be.

What counselor would use words that can send people into depression, or cause others to possibly harm to themselves and even have to shame them to make a point ? Which is what how careless he is with his utterances.

And that’s why I strongly believe he’s  not an authority on counseling but a self titled one, who has been given airtime to further misinform people.

Now before I wrote this article I consulted my father Very. Rev. Dr. M.K Forson ( yes I put the whole title there for emphasis) who is a qualified counselor and even trains many people and church leaders.

I needed to understand what goes into counseling, especially for reverends  because from what I know it’s even taught as a course in pastoral training and so depending on where you got your “Reverend” title from, you should have a qualification in this.

But hey, it’s Ghana right? All you have to do is slap on a title and you’re automatically certified. Wasn’t a fake Nobel Prize Laureate given a platform on one of our station?

Now, I’ve met the Counsellor on several occasions, and even served on the same panel with him a few times.

And to be fair, even though I’ve found a lot of what he says outrageous, on the rare occasion I have also agreed with him.

It’s his outlandish delivery that is off putting; he attempts to be “brutally honest” but instead uses this as an excuse to be offensive which transcends tobullying. 

A lot of times he just states opinions for shock value. 

And he finally reached his peak a few days ago, when in a video posted on Social Media, he had a go at an actress engaged to popular actor Kofi Adjorlolo, several years her senior.

I wondered why she subjected herself to such humiliation, but it felt like an ambushed of some sort and people in the studio did very little to stop him.

He sugguested that she was too young for him and verbally assaulted her by going as far as saying  ” she wanted to kill Kofi Adjorlolo” which finally brought tears to her eyes.

Oh but he didn’t end it there,he was just getting fired up, thanks to his cheerleaders.


He went on to make unsavoury comments about the marital status of Nana Aba Anamoah and  Joselyn Dumas who I know for a FACT he only knows through the media; he sugguested that they were desperate for men and would probably never marry because they had passed the “bench mark.” of what he calls  ” ma fa no saa”.( I’ve accepted my fate)

Some may argue he was only joking, but it’s just another flimsily excuse for him to be unnecessarily disrespectful. 

The women he mentioned each have a story he doesn’t know about, one that may be a far cry from the assumptions he and the public have made.

And through his statement his ignorance was further exposed.

The truth is the Counselor is drunk on the “fame”koolaid and he’s falling for the cheerleaders who urge him on and encourage this foolishness for their ownamusement.

Because what he doesn’t know is that he’s a pawn in thier game for ratings; they know exactly what they’re doing when they give him a chair, a microphone and record the things he has to say.

They know what they’re doing when they put it up on social media for likes and comments.

It’s just a way to get the numbers up, have viewers tuned in and eventually capitalize on it to make profit.
He’s been conned into believing the hype that he has “wise” counsel, when he’s there ONLY as a gimmick.

And in some cases he’s used by these cheerleaders to push a vindictive agenda, judging by how they kept dropping names of personalities for him to give his opinion on.

Because a lot of these people are unhappy in their lives (don’t worry we know) and ONLY unhappy people are so focused on other people’s lives and upset over how they live; especially if it’s freely.

They can’t go home from work, show their partner off, travel on vacations,kiss your wife/husband in public because their whole  life is one unhappy sham, that they have to drag everyone down with them.

So your anger should really be directed towards these kinds of people and even media houses that contributed to the nuisance he’s become today.

Those who were willing to give an unqualified person a platform even against public outcry and warnings from the Ghana Psychological Counsel. read here

See, it would be ok if he were just there serving an opinion like the rest of us,because again there are some days that I actually do agree with the points that he makes.

He could be the Steve Harvey of relationships and we wouldn’t care too much, after all anyone can give relationship advise;  but by acknowledging him as a qualified “counselor” they’re indirectly putting a stamp on everything he says.

Because of this he’s grown a following of people who’re hooked on his every word, and some may probably attack me for this post.

And this is where it gets dangerous, because at some point, and it’s coming very soon; he’s going to influence someone to do the unthinkable.

And there will be damaging effects of that  to him and those who gave him a platform.

Until then, it’s all fun and games as you sit back, share videos and laugh with their friends.

But when the day of reckoning comes, they will start to panic, dissociate themselves, feign disbelief  and ” drop him like it’s hot”.

ONLY, it will be too late because even though he will be left wandering, your credibility as a station, radio etc will still remain questionable.

As for the counselor he’s just feeding his fame addiction; because trust me there’s nothing more thrilling than walking around and having people point at you in excitement.

And if you’re someone who’s gone through lifeunnoticed for so long you can easily become a junkieto this kind of attention.

And this is a very expensive addiction to sustain; and when you become desperate you’ll start to do anything for likes, comments and followers which feed your addiction.

That’s why you get people like Counselor George presenting sometimes salient points in the most distasteful manner just to get a rise out of people.

He’s gone from advising to now imposing his opinionas the gospel truth, and is even now more offensive, disrespectful and in some cases  verbally abusive.

Like I said the fame addiction can make you lose your mind, and he’s slowly becoming like the many self proclaimed prophets on our screens who have to scream and shout to be heard.

By launching attacks on innocent personalities who haven’t asked for his advise in the first place, he’s only proving  how far he’s willing to go to be heard.

So before you launch a series of attacks on him, understand his addiction and drug dealers in the name of media house who continue to feed it by encouraging his utterances.

If he has any sense of decency left he will render an unqualified apology to these woman he attacked for sport. 

But in reality, when is the last time any man apologized for verbally assualting a woman.


credit: lydiaforson. com


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Final steering committee meeting of “French Solidarity Project” held



On Tuesday 12th December, 2017, a final steering committee meeting was held on the French Solidarity Project geared towards “Strengthening the accountability of Ghana’s central and local government” at the Residence of France.

In attendance were the French ambassador, the Director of research, statistics and information management representing the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD), both of whom co-chaired the committee, the Rector and Deputy rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Executive Chairman of the State Enterprises Commission, as well as other partner agencies such as the Centre for Democratic Development, FD Associates and the Touton company.


Support for public sector reform and the decentralization process

Funded with a budget of €800 000 over a period of 3 years, this project sought to facilitate public sector reform and support the decentralization process. It aimed more particularly at reinforcing accountability through a number of actions: performance contracts, training, open forum and dialogue, ensuring  progress of communication and consultation programs implemented by the ministries, improving the capacity of local government, development of coordinating systems, etc. Another objective of the project was to improve citizen participation by consolidating mechanisms of accountability or transparency. This involved the sensitization of the civil society in order to foster a better appreciation of issues relating to statutory reforms and available tools for keeping policy makers accountable.

The first component of the project was principally based on training, which “represents a crucial element in the strengthening of the public service that, in collaboration with the private sector, will nurture a more vibrant, inclusive and sustainable economic development” Ambassador François Pujolas stated. In this vein, more than 200 civil servants have been trained in various sessions facilitated by visiting French experts from the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and Expertise France, whereas 10 civil servants underwent training organised by ENA in Paris. An equal number of women and men have been given this opportunity in each training session.

The ambassador was “pleased with the outcomes of the project, the objectives of which have been attained to a large extent” and emphasized that this project has been “the fruit of an enduring cooperation between France and Ghana, especially in the area of decentralization and the public sector because, since 2006, the French government has disbursed 3.2 million euros to finance three projects within the sector”.


Empowering women to participate actively in the public sphere

Furthermore, as a means of promoting citizen participation – especially that of women and youth, a call for projects focusing on the reinforcement of links between civil society and local authorities was launched. Over 10 000 people benefitted from various actions carried out under the initiative. Also, 11 forums bringing together civil society and parliamentarians were organised to encourage interaction between the population and their representatives, in the Western region which served as the pilot site of the project.

The consolidation of the place of women in public discourse and in local governance, as well as the increase in representation of women at the district assembly level were major areas of concern. Sensitization campaigns were embarked upon, resulting in the training and networking of over a hundred women opinion leaders and policy makers.

Finally, the project has enabled the realisation of “green” micro-projects aimed at combatting deforestation, promoting solar energy and fighting global warming.  The co-chairperson of the committee, Madam Dorothy Onny, reiterated the ambassador’s comments by calling on the Ministry of local government and rural development and its partners to explore possible fields of cooperation and future projects to undertake with France in the domain of public sector reform.


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All set for Worlasi’s “Outerlane Concert” tomorrow!



Worlasi was born and raised in Ghana, and he hails from Agbozume in Volta region. He is a figure painting artist and also a musician. He is a beast of a rapper, producer, singer and songwriter. His songs have been praised for being refreshing and inspiring and his lyrics, unrestrained and African.

Worlasi is an intriguing contrast: hyper confident yet humble, hungry for knowledge and simultaneously overflowing with it. His breakthrough single, Ay3 Adz3 set him apart from his peers. He caps off such focused and realistic lyricism with his mixtape project, Nus3, released in September 2016. Nus3 is a super jumbo bundle of motivation, assertiveness and self- belief. This was his first major project and it already has people calling him a god.

He released a second major project which has also nothing short of breathtaking and shot compelling visuals for two of his singles- One Life and Nukata. Since then he has worked and bagged features with artistes like EL, M.anifest, Hammer of Da Last Two, Sena Dagadu and shared songs with the likes of Sarkodie and Kwaw kese. He has shared stage with some of Ghana’s finest musical acts on platforms such as ACCRA [dot] ALT’s Sabolai Radio, rock group, Dark Suburb’s Awakening concert, Beatphreaks, The Unheard Voices etc.

 Worlasi wraps up this year’s success by performing songs from his upcoming EP (Outerlane) on Saturday, 16th December 2017 at 7pm at the Amphitheatre of Alliance Francaise Accra. The concert would be with the Safoa Band and Fans would be thrilled to a live performance of songs from the Outerlane EP. Also performing would be Alee & Dede, artistes who are signed to Worlasi’s record label.

Other featured artistes for this concert include Manifest, EL, Teephlow, Boyd, Extacy & Kwame X. Save the date and come with your friends and family to enjoy extraordinary mixture of Afro, Rap and Soul music!






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‘KOK StopOver Tour’ back this December



After a successful beginning at Awoshie in the month of September 2017, Koo Ntakra and his friends return on December 16th for another mega street block of the ‘KOK StopOver Tour’.

With over three thousand in attendance at the first stop, the second promises to be sizzling hot inside Bubuashie, BN Pub, Bishop School on Saturday 16th December.

Koo Ntakra who recently released his 2nd studio album ‘KOK’, is to be joined on stage on the night with an array of his colleagues including dancehall diva Renner, Tee Rhyme, Amerado, Phrame, Addi Govnor, Bassaw and a host of other arts, as well as surprises from some of the artists featured on his KOK Album.

The ‘KOK StopOver Tour’ is a Gulfcoast Entertainment & Dekins Entertainment event, powered by Coloured Frutz, with support from ignite Creatives, BankyNation and all our media partner.

The event is a free concept which looks to bring the artists closer to their fans in a more interactive way, as well promote other up and coming talents across board.



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Obrafour, STONEBWOY, Pappy Kojo, Medikal, VVIP, others join Kinaata for ‘Made in Taadi Concert’, Dec 23



Over 20 Artistes are billed to perform at Kofi Kinaata’s 23rd December ‘Made in Taadi Concert.’

The much anticipated concert which will be hosted at Jubilee Grounds in Takoradi will witness 20 known artistes across Ghana thrill the attendees to good music. At a press launch in Takoradi on December 7, Kinaata told the media that he gets calls from his colleague artistes daily who show interest in the concert.

“I get calls daily from my colleague artistes. Some are even ready to pay for their own bills to Takoradi. If people who are outside Takoradi are this eager about the concert, I can only imagine what my Taadi people are waiting for” Kinaata told the media at the Best Western Atlantic Hotel yesterday.

The Public and Media Relations Officer of the concert, Nana Kwesi Coomson mentioned that Obrafour, Stonebwoy, Medikal, VVIP, Kwaw Kese, Pappy Kojo, Donzy, Nero X, Ayesem, Sayvee, Afedzi Perry, Aya, Ayma, Ras Ebo, Snow B and almost every Sekondi-Takoradi Artiste will perform at the concert.

He also reiterates the concert as a “strategy to project the Artistes from Sekondi-Takoradi.”


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Christiana Addo Memorial Foundation to Fete Beneficiaries



The Christiana Addo Memorial Foundation (CAMF) established in memory of the mother of the MUSIGA President Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour is to fete youngsters in the Juaso area as part of its activities for the Christmas holidays.

According to Obour, CAMF will undertake a series of clean up exercises in Juaso and Obogu on December 24 and 25 and climax with the Christmas party for the youngsters. In addition to providing the youngsters with entertainment and refreshing them, they will also receive sanitary products from the Foundation to promote their personal hygiene. Some of the items to be presented include personal hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorants and soap. Meanwhile the Foundation has begun processing application forms from applicants for support for their education.

Speaking at the launch of the Foundation, the Chairman of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku applauded Obour and his siblings on such a bold initiative to both honor the memory of their late mother while contributing to the socio-economic development of the community. He assured the Foundation of the support of the agency in their operations.

The Asante Akyem South MP Lawyer Asante Boateng on his part commended Obour and his siblings on the establishment of the Foundation and assured them of his support to realize their aspirations.

The Christiana Addo Memorial Foundation will provide scholarships to successful applicants to pursue courses at various levels of their education. CAMF will support brilliant students who are financially handicapped especially the girl child from the deprived rural communities of Juaso and adjoining communities through the provision of scholarships at the tertiary level. The Foundation is also to promote sanitation and personal hygiene as critical pillars to health, survival, and development in the Asante Akyem area.

According to Obour, the decision to establish the foundation is due to his mum’s selflessness and strong, unshakable conviction in education as a lifeline to poverty eradication. He says, knowing the value of education, his mother endured enormous sacrifices to educate him and his siblings. He added that the foundation is also to celebrate the unwavering and strong leadership qualities of Christiana Addo as a role model for all women especially single mothers.

The Christiana Addo Memorial Foundation was set up with the vision to become an organization that impacts lives and helps transform and bring sustainable development to the Asante Akyem Area especially the South, Central and North Districts of the Asante Akyem rural area.



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Richard Addisson Foundation Marks Ten Years Of Successive Growth [+images]



The RICHARD ADDISSON FOUNDATION (TRAF) a non-governmental youth philanthropy is marking 10 years of giving assistance to the less privileged in Ghanaian communities.

TRAF was founded by Richard Addison, the CEO of Kent Investment, a multi-layered firm that currently holds investments in the fields of Agriculture (Kent Farms), haulage services (ARE Haulage Services), an IT/information system and management company (K.SIS) and recently acquired major stake in a Digital Graphics and Advertising company  (Beyound Graphics).

The foundation which was set up to put smiles on the faces of the very poor, needy and under privileged across the country is marking the decade of doing good with the launch of an after school programme in collaboration with Matic Foundation run by Award winning Hiplife act Trigmatic.

The After Work Programme which will be cordinated by Trigmatic, Teachers in the chosen communities benefiting from the programme and leaders of TRAF will focus on Maths and Science, Sex Education and First Aid.

“When charity began at home, me, you and every young adult did not sit down for Bill Gates to dole out money for the eradication of Malaria on our, we gave up a bottle of beer for one treated mosquito net everyday”- Richard Addison

“TRAF started ten years ago by distributing thousands of mosquito nets on annual basis to help eradicate malaria which is a predominant illness killing these poor and needy who sleep around the central business district of Sekondi Takoradi, and also to all the major hospital in the metropolis.”

The Richard Addison Foundation (TRAF), now focuses on projects ranging from farming, provision of water and renovation of schools for deprived communities.


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