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LYDIA FORSON WRITES: When the counselor needs counselling – the curious case of George Lutterodt



I came to accept a long time ago that for many men in Ghana especially, the value of a woman is dependent on whether or not she’s married and has children.

All her achievements automatically mean nothing if she hasn’t met any of the above requirements.
You can take care of 100 orphans and it will mean nothing if you don’t have  children of your own.

You can be married to an abusive husband, and your worth will still be more than a successful woman without one.

Oh but it doesn’t end there, after you’ve finally caved to the pressures of society you have to hope agree with who you want to marry,   or it’s back to the pool of the “unworthy”.

And people like Counselor George Lutterodt only reinforces these stereotypes.

And because of his like, many young girls will feel unfulfilled, undesirable and worthless if they haven’t found a man to share their life with.

But let’s be clear, marriage can be a beautiful thing if it’s with the right person, and marriage isn’t forEVERYONE either, which should be ok.

We all have a journey in life, and when you try to force something that isn’t part of your journey, you’re only causing yourself unnecessary headache.

Also there are many things in life that are predictable, relationships are not one of them, what works for A may not necessarily work for B.

Because there are countless people out there who against all odds and predictive behaviour have stayed together in what many have deemed to be an unconventional relationship.

And that’s why no one has the right to force you into a decision about your life; friends, family and even counselors should only serve as directional signs. They can point you in a direction they believe is best for you, but the journey is eventually yours.

Which brings me to the case of Counselor George Lutterodt, a self styled Ghanaian version of Dr.Phil, an American psychologist and television host who is largely known to “tell it like it is”.

ONLY Dr.Phil is a  qualified psychologist and because of this, belongs  to an association that call easily call him to order if he crosses the line.

Now I don’t know much about Counselor George Lutterodt’s background or qualification, but I do know that if he were a trained professional  he would understand the human psychology and the impact of his words and how demoralizing and damaging they can be.

What counselor would use words that can send people into depression, or cause others to possibly harm to themselves and even have to shame them to make a point ? Which is what how careless he is with his utterances.

And that’s why I strongly believe he’s  not an authority on counseling but a self titled one, who has been given airtime to further misinform people.

Now before I wrote this article I consulted my father Very. Rev. Dr. M.K Forson ( yes I put the whole title there for emphasis) who is a qualified counselor and even trains many people and church leaders.

I needed to understand what goes into counseling, especially for reverends  because from what I know it’s even taught as a course in pastoral training and so depending on where you got your “Reverend” title from, you should have a qualification in this.

But hey, it’s Ghana right? All you have to do is slap on a title and you’re automatically certified. Wasn’t a fake Nobel Prize Laureate given a platform on one of our station?

Now, I’ve met the Counsellor on several occasions, and even served on the same panel with him a few times.

And to be fair, even though I’ve found a lot of what he says outrageous, on the rare occasion I have also agreed with him.

It’s his outlandish delivery that is off putting; he attempts to be “brutally honest” but instead uses this as an excuse to be offensive which transcends tobullying. 

A lot of times he just states opinions for shock value. 

And he finally reached his peak a few days ago, when in a video posted on Social Media, he had a go at an actress engaged to popular actor Kofi Adjorlolo, several years her senior.

I wondered why she subjected herself to such humiliation, but it felt like an ambushed of some sort and people in the studio did very little to stop him.

He sugguested that she was too young for him and verbally assaulted her by going as far as saying  ” she wanted to kill Kofi Adjorlolo” which finally brought tears to her eyes.

Oh but he didn’t end it there,he was just getting fired up, thanks to his cheerleaders.


He went on to make unsavoury comments about the marital status of Nana Aba Anamoah and  Joselyn Dumas who I know for a FACT he only knows through the media; he sugguested that they were desperate for men and would probably never marry because they had passed the “bench mark.” of what he calls  ” ma fa no saa”.( I’ve accepted my fate)

Some may argue he was only joking, but it’s just another flimsily excuse for him to be unnecessarily disrespectful. 

The women he mentioned each have a story he doesn’t know about, one that may be a far cry from the assumptions he and the public have made.

And through his statement his ignorance was further exposed.

The truth is the Counselor is drunk on the “fame”koolaid and he’s falling for the cheerleaders who urge him on and encourage this foolishness for their ownamusement.

Because what he doesn’t know is that he’s a pawn in thier game for ratings; they know exactly what they’re doing when they give him a chair, a microphone and record the things he has to say.

They know what they’re doing when they put it up on social media for likes and comments.

It’s just a way to get the numbers up, have viewers tuned in and eventually capitalize on it to make profit.
He’s been conned into believing the hype that he has “wise” counsel, when he’s there ONLY as a gimmick.

And in some cases he’s used by these cheerleaders to push a vindictive agenda, judging by how they kept dropping names of personalities for him to give his opinion on.

Because a lot of these people are unhappy in their lives (don’t worry we know) and ONLY unhappy people are so focused on other people’s lives and upset over how they live; especially if it’s freely.

They can’t go home from work, show their partner off, travel on vacations,kiss your wife/husband in public because their whole  life is one unhappy sham, that they have to drag everyone down with them.

So your anger should really be directed towards these kinds of people and even media houses that contributed to the nuisance he’s become today.

Those who were willing to give an unqualified person a platform even against public outcry and warnings from the Ghana Psychological Counsel. read here

See, it would be ok if he were just there serving an opinion like the rest of us,because again there are some days that I actually do agree with the points that he makes.

He could be the Steve Harvey of relationships and we wouldn’t care too much, after all anyone can give relationship advise;  but by acknowledging him as a qualified “counselor” they’re indirectly putting a stamp on everything he says.

Because of this he’s grown a following of people who’re hooked on his every word, and some may probably attack me for this post.

And this is where it gets dangerous, because at some point, and it’s coming very soon; he’s going to influence someone to do the unthinkable.

And there will be damaging effects of that  to him and those who gave him a platform.

Until then, it’s all fun and games as you sit back, share videos and laugh with their friends.

But when the day of reckoning comes, they will start to panic, dissociate themselves, feign disbelief  and ” drop him like it’s hot”.

ONLY, it will be too late because even though he will be left wandering, your credibility as a station, radio etc will still remain questionable.

As for the counselor he’s just feeding his fame addiction; because trust me there’s nothing more thrilling than walking around and having people point at you in excitement.

And if you’re someone who’s gone through lifeunnoticed for so long you can easily become a junkieto this kind of attention.

And this is a very expensive addiction to sustain; and when you become desperate you’ll start to do anything for likes, comments and followers which feed your addiction.

That’s why you get people like Counselor George presenting sometimes salient points in the most distasteful manner just to get a rise out of people.

He’s gone from advising to now imposing his opinionas the gospel truth, and is even now more offensive, disrespectful and in some cases  verbally abusive.

Like I said the fame addiction can make you lose your mind, and he’s slowly becoming like the many self proclaimed prophets on our screens who have to scream and shout to be heard.

By launching attacks on innocent personalities who haven’t asked for his advise in the first place, he’s only proving  how far he’s willing to go to be heard.

So before you launch a series of attacks on him, understand his addiction and drug dealers in the name of media house who continue to feed it by encouraging his utterances.

If he has any sense of decency left he will render an unqualified apology to these woman he attacked for sport. 

But in reality, when is the last time any man apologized for verbally assualting a woman.


credit: lydiaforson. com


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Teephlow, Kuami Eugene, Kelvynboy perform at UCC Closeup Campus Tour (+IMAGES)



The University of Cape Coast was the place to be last Friday as the University felt the heat of the Closeup Campus Tour.

The show which saw award-winning artistes like Teephlow, Kuami Eugene and Kelvynboy move the crowd to the highest level.

Other artists who performed on the night included B4Bonah, Obkay and Real MC.

But it wasn’t all about them last Friday, staying true to Close Up’s “Break The Barrier” mantra, other upcoming artists were given the opportunity to perform on the same stage Adina, Kwesi Arthur and Kelvyn Boy performed on.

This was a major confidence booster for the young artiste who will undoubtedly record that moment in history as one of their own “Break The Barrier” moments.

The BreakTheBarrier competition was tough in Cape Coast but the luckiest among the contestants was UCC’s own Rap Dizzle. The rapper beat 11 other competitors to win the 2018 Close Up Cool Breeze Campus tour edition in Cape Coast.

As the winner, Rap Dizzle will get another rear opportunity to break another barrier and represent his school on the Close Up Cool Breeze Campus tour bus.

As part of the fun-filled activities, Close Up Cool Breeze shared some goodies including mugs, towels and cash prices.

The next stop for the Closeup Campus Tour is the Koforidua Technical University.


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OUT NOW! TICKETS FOR Ghana Meets Naija hit physical stores



Empire Ghana, organizers of the annual Ghana Meets Naija have announced that tickets for #GhanaMeetsNaija18 are out at major physical outlets, and are selling for 120, 200 and 300 cedis.

Tickets are available at LIVE FM, STARR FM (located in the Meridian House, Ring Road), opposite Ecobank, and close to Nima Junction. Other outlets include Accra Mall, Achimota Mall and West Hills Mall, as well as Empire Ghana offices (located at Ridge, Accra, close to Alisa Hotel),

Patrons can also download the flexipay app on Playstore and Appstore, and make their purchase. Platinum tickets/ tables can be reserved on 050 564 6657 and 0558434907.

The 8th Ghana Meets Naija is on June 9 at the spacious FANTASY DOME, Trade Fair, La, Accra. The call for a bigger event for the annual Ghana Meets Naija concert has been heeded to by the organisers, Empire Ghana, as this year’s concert makes its debut at the facility located at the International Trade Fair, La. Fantasy Dome boasts state-of-the-art facilities and has already hosted a number of high-profile events.

Over 5000 people are expected to attend the event, which has constantly proven a sought-after platform for the West African nations to play out the musical sibling rivalry that exists between them.

Dubbed the “Rescue Mission”, this year’s event will also witness  performances from Stonebwoy, who is famed for his outstanding live gigs, KiDi, Kuami Eugene, King Promise, Patapaa, and Fancy Gadam. Nigeria will be represented by Wizkid, Mayorkun, and Mr. Eazi. More acts are expected to join the roster, organisers say.

Usually overbooked, the concert, widely deemed the biggest West African show, has previously been mounted by A- Listers as Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Falz, Tiwa Savage, Davido, Naeto C, R2Bees and a host of others.

This year’s sponsors include Kasapreko Alomo Gold and Storm Energy Drink, Allied Oil, Somoco Ghana Ltd, Nasco Mobile, Kirusa, Point and Play, Rova Surveillance, Tang Palace, Fix Consult, EIB Network (Starr FM, Live FM, Gh One TV, Kasapa FM, Empire FM, Ultimate FM, Abusua FM), Graphic Showbiz,  Y FM, Aftown Music, Muse Africa, Ghana, West Hills Mall, Achimota Retail Centre, Accra Mall, Timepiece Gh.

The 2018 Ghana Meets Naija concert is powered by Empire Ghana.

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B4bonah,TeePhlow,Kuami Eugene others invades UCC for Close Up Cool Breeze Concert



Award-winning artistes Kuami Eugene, TeePhlow and Kelvynbwoy will take the party to the University of Cape Coast this Friday.

Dubbed #BreakTheBarrier, the event will give an opportunity for an upcoming artiste to breakthrough to mainstream music.

The Campus Tour is an initiative of Close Up Ghana to break the barrier and connect with the youths of Ghana through entertainment.

Among the several artists who would perform on the night is rapper O’bkay of  MTN Hitmaker fame and Tema based Afropop star and Dear God crooner B4Bonah.

The Campus Tour is an initiative of Close Up Ghana to break the barrier and connect with the youths of Ghana through entertainment.

The Close Up Cool Breeze gives you up to 12 hours of fresh breath.

This youth centric brand is giving young people the confidence to break the barriers with the power of fresh breath.

As these young talented musicians bring their act to the University of Cape Coast, the students of the university will get the unique opportunity to make to gain the confidence they need to break the exam barrier.

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Collaborating for Growth – Aftown music is set for AfroMusicon 2018!



After a year of operations in Ghana, over 22,000 subscribers and 300 signed acts; it’s become evident that both artists and music lovers are receptive to the business side of music.

Aftown exists not only to help artists make money but also for music lovers to have a one-stop shop to download and stream all their favourite songs from artists they love. So far, artists like Akan, Worlasi, Stonebwoy, EL and more have benefited from the marketing and sales opportunities that Aftown has to offer; selling their singles and albums to thousands of their fans across the country and across the world.

So when word came in from EchoHouse Ghana of the AfroMusicon initiative, it was only right that Aftown came on board to help push the grand agenda; The Business Of Music.

We believe artists should be able to make a living from their art, and conferences like AfroMusicon play a major role in enlightening the artists with respect to opportunities available and measures they need to put in place to secure revenue from their music. Aftown, along with its partners DGN, BBNZ LIVE and Sound Effects, will be playing a major roll in maiden AfroMusicon conference. Look out for the Aftown music workshop, concerts and panel discussions. Sign up to Aftown and get all the info first hand!


AfroMusicon is hosted by EchoHouse Ghana, in partnership with InnovaDDB and Pulse Creatives and supported by Trace, Kuulpeeps, BBnZ, DGN, Ameyaw Debrah, Harmattan Rain, NYDJ Live Media, George Britton Media, GhudMusic, Enewsgh, StarrBuzz and TalkMedia GH, Kobby Kyei Media, MiPromo and Ghana Music.

The conference will focus on how musicians can capitalize on existing platforms and opportunities to make money off their passion. Visit or follow @AfroMusicon on all social media platforms for more information or call 0500003344 to sponsor.





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Pascal Amanfo joins the Amoateng Pastors for next level Conference



Nigerian film director, based primarily in the Ghana film industry, Pascal Amanfo after announcing that he is a man of God in 2015 is yet to speak at one of his biggest events.

The filmmaker has been announced as one of the ministers to give a sermon at the 2018 Next Level Conference in Accra starting May 27 to June 3 this year.

The event expected to happen at the Power of Worship International church at Spintex Road aside Pascal Amanfo will have the three Amoateng brothers who are men of God also speaking at the week-long event.

Pastor Brian Amoateng together with his elder brothers, Pastor Daniel Amoateng, Prophet Sampson Amoateng will minister to patrons who will attend the Next Level Conference. Abena Brigidi is also named as the only female speaker for the Christian event starting on May 27.

The conference will witness performances from several top Ghanaian gospel musicians. The Sunday, May 27 to Thursday, May 31 shows start from 6 pm and Friday, June 1 to June 3 events also commences from 9 pm each day.

Prophet Daniel Amoateng, a civil engineer, author, philanthropist and a servant of God is the founder and leader of the Power of Worship International church located at the Spintex Road, basket bus stop in Accra.

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W.E.B DU BOIS MEMORIAL CENTRE FOR PAN AFRICAN CULTURE Hosts 2018 African Union Fashion show & Bazaar



The W.E.B Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Accra, in collaboration with the Fashion Department of Accra Technical University, will from May 18-19 host an African Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar.

The event is being held in commemoration of the African Union (AU) Week under the theme “Sustaining Africa’s Authentic Fashion and Clothing Industry”

Officials say the objective of the programme is to promote the “African Fashion, Clothing and Textile Industry, as well as, providing a platform for the Final Year Students of the Fashion and Design Department of Accra Technical University to showcase their creative designs as part of their academic assessment.

“It is an event which is strategically designed and crafted to give a platform for the African Fashion, Clothing and Creative Arts Industry as well as the general public to engage in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.”

Some One Thousand (1,000) people including Government officials, Diplomatic Missions, Pan Africanists, Trade groups, Students, Cultural groups, and Craft Vendors are expected to attend.

The official launch will be performed by the Hon Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Madam Catherine Ablema Afeku on Day One; Friday May 18, at 9.00am. It will be followed by an Exhibition and Craft Bazaar, which would continue the next day till 6.00pm.

The two-day event will be climaxed by a Fashion show by the Accra Technical University Fashion Department.

For more, follow
Facebook: duboiscentreghana
Instagram: duboiscentreghana1
Twitter: duboiscentreghana1
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