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LYDIA FORSON WRITES: When the counselor needs counselling – the curious case of George Lutterodt



I came to accept a long time ago that for many men in Ghana especially, the value of a woman is dependent on whether or not she’s married and has children.

All her achievements automatically mean nothing if she hasn’t met any of the above requirements.
You can take care of 100 orphans and it will mean nothing if you don’t have  children of your own.

You can be married to an abusive husband, and your worth will still be more than a successful woman without one.

Oh but it doesn’t end there, after you’ve finally caved to the pressures of society you have to hope agree with who you want to marry,   or it’s back to the pool of the “unworthy”.

And people like Counselor George Lutterodt only reinforces these stereotypes.

And because of his like, many young girls will feel unfulfilled, undesirable and worthless if they haven’t found a man to share their life with.

But let’s be clear, marriage can be a beautiful thing if it’s with the right person, and marriage isn’t forEVERYONE either, which should be ok.

We all have a journey in life, and when you try to force something that isn’t part of your journey, you’re only causing yourself unnecessary headache.

Also there are many things in life that are predictable, relationships are not one of them, what works for A may not necessarily work for B.

Because there are countless people out there who against all odds and predictive behaviour have stayed together in what many have deemed to be an unconventional relationship.

And that’s why no one has the right to force you into a decision about your life; friends, family and even counselors should only serve as directional signs. They can point you in a direction they believe is best for you, but the journey is eventually yours.

Which brings me to the case of Counselor George Lutterodt, a self styled Ghanaian version of Dr.Phil, an American psychologist and television host who is largely known to “tell it like it is”.

ONLY Dr.Phil is a  qualified psychologist and because of this, belongs  to an association that call easily call him to order if he crosses the line.

Now I don’t know much about Counselor George Lutterodt’s background or qualification, but I do know that if he were a trained professional  he would understand the human psychology and the impact of his words and how demoralizing and damaging they can be.

What counselor would use words that can send people into depression, or cause others to possibly harm to themselves and even have to shame them to make a point ? Which is what how careless he is with his utterances.

And that’s why I strongly believe he’s  not an authority on counseling but a self titled one, who has been given airtime to further misinform people.

Now before I wrote this article I consulted my father Very. Rev. Dr. M.K Forson ( yes I put the whole title there for emphasis) who is a qualified counselor and even trains many people and church leaders.

I needed to understand what goes into counseling, especially for reverends  because from what I know it’s even taught as a course in pastoral training and so depending on where you got your “Reverend” title from, you should have a qualification in this.

But hey, it’s Ghana right? All you have to do is slap on a title and you’re automatically certified. Wasn’t a fake Nobel Prize Laureate given a platform on one of our station?

Now, I’ve met the Counsellor on several occasions, and even served on the same panel with him a few times.

And to be fair, even though I’ve found a lot of what he says outrageous, on the rare occasion I have also agreed with him.

It’s his outlandish delivery that is off putting; he attempts to be “brutally honest” but instead uses this as an excuse to be offensive which transcends tobullying. 

A lot of times he just states opinions for shock value. 

And he finally reached his peak a few days ago, when in a video posted on Social Media, he had a go at an actress engaged to popular actor Kofi Adjorlolo, several years her senior.

I wondered why she subjected herself to such humiliation, but it felt like an ambushed of some sort and people in the studio did very little to stop him.

He sugguested that she was too young for him and verbally assaulted her by going as far as saying  ” she wanted to kill Kofi Adjorlolo” which finally brought tears to her eyes.

Oh but he didn’t end it there,he was just getting fired up, thanks to his cheerleaders.


He went on to make unsavoury comments about the marital status of Nana Aba Anamoah and  Joselyn Dumas who I know for a FACT he only knows through the media; he sugguested that they were desperate for men and would probably never marry because they had passed the “bench mark.” of what he calls  ” ma fa no saa”.( I’ve accepted my fate)

Some may argue he was only joking, but it’s just another flimsily excuse for him to be unnecessarily disrespectful. 

The women he mentioned each have a story he doesn’t know about, one that may be a far cry from the assumptions he and the public have made.

And through his statement his ignorance was further exposed.

The truth is the Counselor is drunk on the “fame”koolaid and he’s falling for the cheerleaders who urge him on and encourage this foolishness for their ownamusement.

Because what he doesn’t know is that he’s a pawn in thier game for ratings; they know exactly what they’re doing when they give him a chair, a microphone and record the things he has to say.

They know what they’re doing when they put it up on social media for likes and comments.

It’s just a way to get the numbers up, have viewers tuned in and eventually capitalize on it to make profit.
He’s been conned into believing the hype that he has “wise” counsel, when he’s there ONLY as a gimmick.

And in some cases he’s used by these cheerleaders to push a vindictive agenda, judging by how they kept dropping names of personalities for him to give his opinion on.

Because a lot of these people are unhappy in their lives (don’t worry we know) and ONLY unhappy people are so focused on other people’s lives and upset over how they live; especially if it’s freely.

They can’t go home from work, show their partner off, travel on vacations,kiss your wife/husband in public because their whole  life is one unhappy sham, that they have to drag everyone down with them.

So your anger should really be directed towards these kinds of people and even media houses that contributed to the nuisance he’s become today.

Those who were willing to give an unqualified person a platform even against public outcry and warnings from the Ghana Psychological Counsel. read here

See, it would be ok if he were just there serving an opinion like the rest of us,because again there are some days that I actually do agree with the points that he makes.

He could be the Steve Harvey of relationships and we wouldn’t care too much, after all anyone can give relationship advise;  but by acknowledging him as a qualified “counselor” they’re indirectly putting a stamp on everything he says.

Because of this he’s grown a following of people who’re hooked on his every word, and some may probably attack me for this post.

And this is where it gets dangerous, because at some point, and it’s coming very soon; he’s going to influence someone to do the unthinkable.

And there will be damaging effects of that  to him and those who gave him a platform.

Until then, it’s all fun and games as you sit back, share videos and laugh with their friends.

But when the day of reckoning comes, they will start to panic, dissociate themselves, feign disbelief  and ” drop him like it’s hot”.

ONLY, it will be too late because even though he will be left wandering, your credibility as a station, radio etc will still remain questionable.

As for the counselor he’s just feeding his fame addiction; because trust me there’s nothing more thrilling than walking around and having people point at you in excitement.

And if you’re someone who’s gone through lifeunnoticed for so long you can easily become a junkieto this kind of attention.

And this is a very expensive addiction to sustain; and when you become desperate you’ll start to do anything for likes, comments and followers which feed your addiction.

That’s why you get people like Counselor George presenting sometimes salient points in the most distasteful manner just to get a rise out of people.

He’s gone from advising to now imposing his opinionas the gospel truth, and is even now more offensive, disrespectful and in some cases  verbally abusive.

Like I said the fame addiction can make you lose your mind, and he’s slowly becoming like the many self proclaimed prophets on our screens who have to scream and shout to be heard.

By launching attacks on innocent personalities who haven’t asked for his advise in the first place, he’s only proving  how far he’s willing to go to be heard.

So before you launch a series of attacks on him, understand his addiction and drug dealers in the name of media house who continue to feed it by encouraging his utterances.

If he has any sense of decency left he will render an unqualified apology to these woman he attacked for sport. 

But in reality, when is the last time any man apologized for verbally assualting a woman.


credit: lydiaforson. com



Bola Ray mentors 30 YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS, October 19!



Media mogul Bola Ray ( Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi) will hold a mentoring session with young Ghanaian business leaders on Thursday, October 19.

A renowned entrepreneur and corporate icon, Bola Ray looks to renew the passions of “tomorrow’s business leaders”, taking them through his own experiences, and his road to success.

Recently publishing his best-selling memoire “It is Possible”, Bola Ray is CEO of the EIB Network and the Empire Group, and has been a key media player for 2 decades now.

Bola Ray joined radio while still in university, Bola Ray has grown to become an authority not just in radio broadcasting, but in the entertainment industry as a whole. He joined Accra-based Top Radio after university and went on to The Multimedia Group, where he served a variety of roles, mainly hosting Drivetime on Joy for 11 years. For the past two years, he has been host of Starr Chat and co-host of Starr Drive.

Dubbed “An Evening With Bola Ray – Accra Edition”, the event is put together by Empire Protocol, with support from uniBank, StarLite, RLG World, Allianz Insurance, Dominion Oil, MenzGold, and Special Ice.

Copies of Bola Ray’s book can be secured via


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Stonebwoy, LIL WIN perform @ GOtv MAX Kumasi launch!



Over the weekend in Kumasi, GOtv Ghana hosted a massive concert to introduce its new package GOtv MAX to the public. The event held at the Kumasi City Mall, attracted thousands of concert goers who defied the heavy downpour to enjoy the music and fireworks display.

The event was nearly marred by the rain storm that started immediately the first set of performers hit the stage. Fans were forced to take shelter within the mall for well over three hours until the storm passed through and the equipment were checked and given the green light for the concert to resume at 10pm.

General Manager, GOtv Ghana, Kingsley Afful performing the launch reaffirmed the commitment of GOtv to bring its subscribers the best local and international TV shows first, hence the introduction of the GOtv MAX package. He explained that “Quality entertainment has always been a key focus on GOtv platform and we are excited to continue building our entertainment options for our customers by bringing them this new package”.

“We understand that times are tough but that doesn’t mean that our customers have to miss out on world-class entertainment. Sports just got bigger and better with the GOtv MAX package which will bring the best football titles in the world, La Liga, along with more entertainment choice for the whole family like CBS Reality, Sony Max and FOX.”

GOtv MAX customers will enjoy access to over fifty channels of the hottest local and international channels featuring everything from the freshest series, music and sport to the latest in fashion reality, celebrity and kiddies programming.  “From 1st October, all active GOtv Plus subscribers have been automatically upgraded onto the GOtv Max package at no cost to them to sample this new package for one full month”, Mr. Afful added.  He also announced a reduction on the price of GOtv decoders to GHs79 and the subscription price cuts on the GOtv Plus package to GHs35.

Fans were entertained by Stonebwoy and the BossNations’ CEO, the pride of Kumasi, Lil Win and crew. Several fans were rewarded with GOtv decoders as part of the launch activities by the artistes. The event was culminated in a huge firework display deep into the night to the delight of the thousands present at the event.



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SAMSUNG, Ecobank Launch GALAXY NOTE 8 in Ghana!



Electronics giant Samsung has partnered with Ecobank to deliver the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 8 device to smartphone lovers in Ghana.

The two companies jointly introduced the Galaxy Note 8 unto the Ghanaian market with an easy payment plan that can enable Ghanaians to purchase the device.

Described as the next level Note, the Galaxy Note 8 targets consumers who want to do bigger things with smartphones. With Galaxy Note 8, consumers get a bigger Infinity Display that fits comfortably in one hand, the S Pen to communicate in more personal ways and Samsung’s best-ever smartphone camera to capture stunning photos.

Speaking at the launch, Eugene Nahm, Managing Director of Samsung Ghana, the technology manufacturer continues to uphold its commitment to lead the industry in battery safety. The Galaxy Note 8 battery has undergone the 8-Point Battery Safety Check process hence making it the safest smartphone in the world.

Mr Dan Sackey, Managing Director of Ecobank Ghana stated that the partnership with Samsung will give more access to their clients, it will also enable them spend less time in banking halls in order to have enough time to do the things they love.

According to the bank, one can pay GHc14 a day over a 12-month period for the device.

Renowned Ghanaian artist Bright Ackwerh did a live display of the S Pen and gave a testimony of how the device makes it easier for him to sketch his artworks.



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Classics is not a ‘dead’ course – Prof. Olakunbi Olasope



Professor Olakunbi Olasope, an associate professor of Classics at the University of Ibadan has stressed on the importance of the study of Classics and stressed that Classics offered a window through which the foundations of modern politics, social and economic life could be understood. According to her, classics shaped our ideas of freedom of speech, the rule of law, democracy, equality, ethics, and human rights.

Citing the example of the sex strike by Kenyan women which caused opposing leaders Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga to reconcile, Professor Olasope referred to the ancient antecedent in Lysistrata, a comedy written in 411BC by Aristophanes, in which Lysistrata convinced women of Greece to withhold sexual favours from men as a means of forcing them to sign a treaty to end the Peloponnesian War.

She said that Ghana and Africa should not imitate the West blindly, but study and adapt or modify the past to suit their unique problems, and added that Classics offered such opportunity to the nation.

Prof. Olasope made these comments at the maiden panel discussion on the topic; “The relevance of philosophy and classics to Ghana’s development” organised by the Association of Philosophy and Classics Students in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Ghana on 10th October 2017. The event brought together over 400 students and lecturers from the Philosophy and Classics departments of the University of Ghana. It also had experts in human resource, accountancy and social enterprise present to share how industry accommodates students with Philosophy and Classics backgrounds.

The event was also attended by graduate and teaching assistants, and lecturers in the department, including the former head of Philosophy and Classics Professor Kofi Ackah, and the patron of the association Mr Michael Okyere Asante. Other lecturers in attendance were Dr Caesar Atuire, Ms Bernice Adamson and Ms Gifty Etornam Kemevor.



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DJ Mic Smith to shutdown Accra with the biggest DJ Concert In Ghana as part of his 10th year anniversary



Sunday October 22nd will be etched in the memories of many Ghanaians as a tall list of top stars converge at the Accra Mall food court to party and pay tribute to the contribution of DJ Mic Smith to the Ghanaian and international music industry.

For the past decade, Mic Smith known in real life as Michael Owusu-Smith has demonstrated a monstrous mastery of his craft. His flawless control of the turntables has endeared him to the hearts of many in Ghana and across the shores of the country. So on an occasion to recognize his efforts in putting the country on a different pedestal, “A” list DJS like Andy Dosty, DJ Kess, Nigeria’s finest, DJ Neptune, DJ Mensa, Killa Fingers, DJ Vyrusky are amongst the DJs on rotation to celebrate with him in mega style.

The Shutdown King as he is affectionately called has paid his dues both to the music and Djing fraternity.

So on the night, expect artiste like Mr. Eazi to take things easy as he delivers explosive tunes from his arsenal. E.L, A.I, Magnom, Kojo Cue, are also part of a tall list of performers to thrill patrons at the free concert dubbed SHUTDOWN 2017.

About DJ Mic Smith

Micheal Owusu known as DJ Mic Smith is an event, club, radio, mixtape and artist DJ and also an entrepreneur from the republic of Ghana.

He also currently holds several nominations from Ghana DJ Awards; The Redbull club DJ of the year awardMic Smith is also the official DJ for international Afrobeats star Mr Eazi signed to the highly successful Ghanaian record label Miester Music .

Mic began DJing by “accident” when looking for a job over 10 years ago, where he had an embedded passion for music and allowed this to take more of a forefront in his life than it had previously. At Hot fm (93.9) in the early stages of 2008, he started as a radio presenter who presented the entertainment news on the Drive Time Show hosted by Okyeame Quophi. Within a year of life in the media world. Mic began spinning, his talent was pushed to the next level, when he became resident DJ at one of the most recognised clubs in Accra, Rockstone’s Office known to many as Django. Over the years he was the main focus entertainment at the club and his talent on the decks quickly earned him the nickname ‘The Shutdown King’ exposing him to many opportunities including national and international gigs.



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Miss Sabina Awuni is 2017 Miss Ghana UK the Jubilee Queen



“This was an exceptional show and a night to remember with amazing memories. As always, our God came through and didn’t fail us and all glory goes to him.  The competition was tight and not easy to call. But in all, we couldn’t have achieved all these without the support of all our partners and sponsors”.

These were the words of Ms Cilla Gyewu, a representative of the Miss Ghana UK Foundation, after this year’s edition of the grand finale of the Miss Ghana UK beauty pageant, held on Saturday 30th September at Gaumont Palace (formerly known as Dominion Centre) came to a successful end.

At the end of 6  rounds of exciting showing, Miss Sabina Lawabea Awuni rose up to the occasion to be counted and was declared as the winner of the topmost award on the night, the 2017 Miss Ghana UK Queen being the edition of the most popular beauty pageant across Europe.

Miss Sabina Lawabea Awuni is a twenty – Three (23) year old a graduate and currently working as an instructor in Training & Development Administrator from Kent in the United Kingdom. She appeared to have impressed the judges with her elegance and smartness to make her won a little bit easier considering the fierce competition witnessed from the very first round.

The first runner-up was twenty-one (21) year old Miss Rachel Osei-Tutu, a university student from Buckinghamshire and the second – runner-up was Miss Francyn Amuah – Fuster who is twenty – five (25) years and an Accounts Assistant from Enfield.

The 2017 Miss Ghana UK was sponsored by World Remit, Blue Rose Real Estate (GH), VLISCO, Ghana Tourism Authority, Konfidence Hair, Sinai Beauty, Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company Limited, Cans Noire, ORS, Elizabeth Arden, Jackie Johnson, Zeeks Concepts and Shea Glo, Laboro, Pam’s Cakes, Uncle John’s Bakery, JD Fitness, Official Media Partner ABN TV and Radio.

Other partners are Ahomka Radio, CTLR World, Fab Photography, Afropulp, Osess, Flash Africa, Ghana Fashion Marketing (GH), Prompt Communication (GH), Eventsgh, Cypress Ghana, Savvy Concierge and On Point Property and Gold, Radiant Foundation, Pen2 Paper, Ghana Youth Day, Malika Sang (Promo Video).

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