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Live from the Red Carpet: The 2017 Grammy Awards: Join Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic at the 2017 Grammy Awards, as they welcome the biggest music stars on the planet to the red carpet and catch up with the nominees, presenters and performers. Plus, on 15 February at 6pm, the Fashion Police will be on hand to cast a critical eye over who’s wearing what, highlighting good, the bad, and the

wackiest moments from one of fashion’s biggest nights. Tune in to Live From the Red Carpet on Saturday 11 February at 11pm and Fashion Police on Wednesday 15 February at 6pm.



The Detectives Club: New Orleans: New Orleans is like no other city in the world and for the homicide detectives working in the city, there are some cases they just can’t leave behind. In this documentary series five retired New Orleans homicide detectives meet to confront their demons they talk us through some of the most difficult, high profile and emotional murder cases of their careers. Featuring interviews with the victims’ families and friends and re-enactments, the series outlines how these dedicated men and women solve some of the most heinous murders The Big Easy has ever seen. From Thursday 9 February at 8pm.



We are Family: This is the tory Of Joaquin, acoveted bachelor and a motocross lover, whose life turns up side down when he becomes the legal guardian of his best friend and business partner’s four children. While trying to adapt to this new life, Manuela, a journalist who pretends to be a maid, shows up at the house trying to get close to her daughter Pilar, who had been given up for adoption years before. It airs on weekdays at 2pm.



24: Legacy: The clock ticks again with 24: Legacy, the next evolution of the Emmy Award-winning 24. An adrenaline-fueled race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on United States soil – in the same real-time format that has propelled this genre-defining series. Tuesdays, at 6:10pm (Regular slot)

Legion: David Haller is a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and visions might be real. Catch it on Wednesdays at 7pm.



On 26 February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. TCM joins in all the excitement, glamour and golden statues that is the Oscars, with a month of Oscar-winning double features screening every Sunday evening. Get comfy on the couch on Oscars Sunday for a full-day affair with all your favourite Oscar-winning movies.
– Out of Africa (1985) on Sunday 12 February at 3:20pm.
– Inglorious Basterds (2009) on Sunday 12 February at 6pm

YOUniverse : Asking the question “What does your universe look like?”, “YOUniverse” showcases space exploration from the perspective of a child through a series of educational shorts loaded with beautiful visuals and scientific facts. Each episode starts with a child describing their perfect planet, star, or thing to do in space. With the unique imaginations of each child, this series uses specific art styles to compliment the child’s imagination as well as the story they tell. Every day at 1pm and 6:50pm.



Focus – Dj Khaled: The Dj with a twist! Dj Khaled is the only Dj with over 20 hit singles! And with his recent grammy nomination for “Best Rap Album”, The Roc Nation signee is unstoppable. Here’s the story of our favorite Dj, taking over the music industry, hit after hit! Saturday 11 February at 11am.



The Son I Never Knew: Clara receives a phone call from a man named Patricio who offers her

information on what happened to Ignacio – in exchange for a large sum of money. Catalina and Pablo argue after she sees him selling drugs at the university. New evidence is found at Patricio’s house, and a suspect is arrested. Clara is in crisis after watching a video of Ignacio on the night he died, which shows him in bad shape, screaming that everything has gone wrong. Weekdays at 3:10pm.

Manual and Silvana: Silvana finds she can always rely on Manuel to make her smile and cheer her up when things get tough. Maria Jose looks for Andres to ask him for forgiveness after leaving him at the altar, but he is still too hurt and insists that she leave. Manuel finds out that Silvana and her whole family have moved out of the neighbourhood. Premieres weekdays at 4pm.



My Life As A Teenage Robot: Jenny Wakeman isn’t your average 16-year-old girl – she’s a robot! Jenny loves to do normal teenage things like hang out at the skate park and go to the movies with her friends Brad, Tuck and Sheldon, but her mom has bigger plans for her. Jenny has been programmed to save Earth from any threat – like the menacing Queen Vexus from outer space. How will Jenny juggle her two lives? Find out in the brand new episodes of the Emmy-winning animated series. Monday 13 February at 4am.


Little Pet Shop: Blythe has a unique gift – she can communicate with animals. And that’s why she helps out at the Littlest Pet Shop and its day camp, which takes care of cute and crazy creatures while their human parents are at work. Join Blythe, her family and her day camp friends (a dog, spider monkey, hedgehog, skunk and panda) as she keeps the shop afloat and tries to keep her envious foes (the Biskit twins) at bay. Monday 13 February at 11:30am.



 Born on the same day: Born on the Same Day is a fascinating new three-part celebrity-led biography series. It features the remarkable lives of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Ricky Tomlinson and Twiggy. Each episode features one of these famous individuals and two ordinary people who share the same date of birth. These three have never met, but each one will tell their extraordinary story and reveal the key turning points and decisions they took that made them the person they’ve become. These three life stories start at the same time but evolve in completely different directions. From birth to the present, their stories will reveal how powerful life events such as lost love, human tragedy and physical challenges have shaped their lives, and influenced their relationships, values and beliefs. Catch it Sundays from 12 February at 5pm.


Guess This House: Home is where the heart is, but in this show, it’s all about the money. Four couples, who think they know the property market, snoop around a home and give their candid opinion of what it’s worth. With access to all areas and no risk of offending the owners, the contestants can really say what they think. The couples then guess what the property is worth, but only the closest get the chance to move up-market and play again, until the final couple get the keys to guess the value of a millionaire’s property. If they get close enough to the actual asking price, they’ll take away a huge cash prize. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 13 February 4:25pm.



On 26 February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will celebrate the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. TCM joins in all the excitement, glamour and golden statues that is the Oscars, with a month of Oscar-winning double features screening every Sunday evening.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982) on Sunday 18 February at 4:05pm
Shakespeare in love (1998) on Sunday 18 February at 6pm
Discovery Channel

Running Wild with Bear Grylls: Friends star Courteney Cox will take on the challenge of a lifetime as the nail-biting series returns. The TV actress joins renowned survivalist and adventurer Bear, for a 48-hour extreme survival adventure challenge, in the Irish highlands for the adventure of her life. The big name celebrities from the world of showbiz joining Bear include Nick Jonas, Mel B, Shaquille O’Neal and Vanessa Hudgens. From the dramatic sea cliffs of Mediterranean island of Corsica to the South African savannah and the Adirondack Mountains, the intrepid cast members will face their deepest fears and tackle everything from skydiving to abseiling, as they journey through some of the world’s most unforgiving wilderness. From Tuesday 14 February at 6pm.


Discovery Family

Pick a Puppy: Follow the stories as families search for their ideal canine companions. While on this quest, the families visit various breeders, owners and animal shelters in an attempt to find the perfect fit. As family members grapple with these heart-tugging choices, they soon discover as much about themselves as the breeds they’re exploring. The Mazza family wants a special pup for their very active family and they meet three different dogs, but can only pick one to give all of their love. Plus, the Morris-Higginson family is visited by three amazing puppies, to be an addition to their older family dog, Buddy. They get to see an Australian Shepherd, a Labrador, and a Petit Griffon Vendeen. From Monday 13 February at 7pm.



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