Manageress of Highlife singer  Kwabena Kwabena, Ms Frema Ashkar has brushed aside news of a petition by ABBA Investments to place an injunction of the singer’s forthcoming Vitamilk Love Concert slated for the National Theatre  tomorrow night.

Speaking exclusively to ENEWSGH, the TV personality assured her team was unmoved about the development as everybody has the right to go to court. She also stressed that their legal team has given them the go ahead with the show: “there is nothing like that… anybody can go to court for a document but it does not mean that is an injunction, so  I can go court and say that I want you to be restricted on a whole, but until the court has given me such a request, I cannot restrict…so I can show my documents to say have gone to court but do not have that authority you are looking for…our lawyers have advised us to hold the concert”

However, court documents sighted by ENEWSGH (dated February 7, 2017) indicate that the plaintiff, ABBA Investments, has sued jointly and severally Kwabena Kwabena and his KB KB Music Limited, and served them a perpetual restraining order as well as demands for an amount of GHC180,000 being sponsorship funds given to Kwabena Kwabena by Vita Milk when the last event was held. They are also seeking some GHC13,000 in ticket revenue from the first edition of the F14 Concert from the Adult Music singer.

The court order also restrains Kwabena Kwabena and his team from organizing and holding a love concert using the concept of the Plaintiff (Abba Investment).

We also reliably informed that Kwabena Kwabena is not perturbed by this move but rather charged to give his best at the concert.

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