The Accra Sports Stadium is set to host the screening of an award-winning Africa/America film titled ‘Unwanted Guest’.
It will be the first time a movie will be premiered at the Accra Sports Stadium, and the event is scheduled for January 27.

‘Unwanted Guest’ tells a story of Africans who travel to the Diaspora and the great expectations of the trip often motivated by the quest for greener pastures.

The screening event is being organised by Rite Communications Limited, in collaboration with Judi Consult, and is poised to show the best of films and top award-winning films across Africa and beyond.
According to Judith Oluwole Kuwornu, spokesperson for the event, it is meant to showcase top award-winning films that are cinema-bound, creating an avenue for African filmmakers to access its audience as it is done elsewhere.

“There are top Africa films that are showing in Hollywood and we are entitled to viewing them right here in Ghana, hence the creation of a centre at the stadium like this in Ghana.
The centre is opened to the Ghanaian filmmaker and beyond, creating an international film centre in the Ghanaian contest,” she added.

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