Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his yet-to-be-released debut collection.

Here is Zeus:



Men are men.

Their strengths are the same.

But my strength is in bonds of ten.

So I am different; and not the same.


Men are men.

Their acts are fair.

But I am not the average.

So I am rare.


I will make you see another colour in the rainbow.

I will show you something; you wouldn’t let go

I will bow your heart with Cupid’s arrow.

I will make you say the words and my actions will tell the whole show.


I am strong and mighty.

But I have the heart of twenty.

I will make the world crawl at your feet.

And your battles will be won on the fields without a single step of your feet.

Then we will come home to share a better feast.

A feast of hearts, wine and bodies that lay in each other’s path.


I will call a band of angels to sing and play you the harp.

I will make you walk on clouds.

And you will wish not to come down.

I will make your heart beat faster.

But you will wish not to calm down.

I will make you teased at the prowess with my lightening bolt.

The bolt to shoot you to Venus and meet Aphrodite.


Men are men.

Their acts are fair.

But I am rare.


I will carry you as the world.

And will carry the world for you.

My powers are true.

And I know you want a taste too.


I will make pain seem in vain.

As you enjoy in you, my bolts reign.

By its action, you will scream a dozen times.

But I can take you to a score.

And I know at the end of the twelfth rhyme, you will ask for more.

In your cry with joy and the sweat from your internal flames, I will show you the role of my iron bolt.

It rules with eternal thrust.

A thrust as deep and seems not to end.

A thrust that touches your heart and soul.

A thrust that makes you tighten your grips in satisfaction.

A thrust that causes rain on your lotus garden.

A thrust that awakens a sleeping soul.


Men are men.

Their acts are fair.

But I am not the average.

I am rare.



Asford Psalms.

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