Nobody’s heart aches out of love! In pop culture, love gets conflicted with desire all the time. Love is all selflessness and it is the opposite of need and attachment. To an individual, it’s a sensation of allowing than seeking, letting go instead of grasping.

Love is subtle, silent, delicate and in its beginnings, it can be drowned out easily by attachment, lust and fear. Love must have space and force is what crowds it out. Love is powerful but it isn’t forceful. Desire is simple and often reckless. We need to manage it carefully to avoid causing harm.

That was how the exceptional crooner and the young singer about to make his mark in the African music space described the whole phenomenon about love. Not only is he versatile, but has a suave personality accompanied with an amazing vocal dexterity which easily catches the attention of lovers of good music.

Born Ete Komlan Dakitse – Benissan in the Togolese capital, Lome, he is widely known across the francophone African music space as Ete Dakitse. His unique and sweet soft singing voice is complimented by his ability to sing in two languages – French and English.

Currently signed to Ghanaian talent management and entertainment solutions company, Spyder Lee Entertainment, Ete Dakitse will soon be releasing his maiden album after dropping some chart-topping singles currently receiving heavy rotations on radio.

The album which is titled “L’amour Vrai” (meaning True Love) will have singles such as ‘British Lady’, ‘Love By Nature’, ‘L’amour Vrai’, ‘Persévère’ and ‘Jamais Sans Toi’ and other songs, all of which were recorded in South Africa by Sunset Recording Studios.

‘British Lady’ is a song dedicated to the British Monarch and every properly behaved lady whilst ‘Persévère’ (Persevere) is an inspirational song urging people never to give up in life despite the circumstance or situation they might find themselves in.

Jamais Sans Toi, translated into English as ‘Without You’ tells the story of a guy contemplating to propose to his best friend for the fear of ruining their relationship should the lady deny him.

According to the international talent scout and manager, Edwin Edinkrah who discovered Ete Dakitse during a business trip across the West African Coast, “it is obvious lovers of authentic love songs across the continent will have a lot to cheer about when the album is released with songs everyone can relate to”.


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