Producer Magnom, known in real life as Joseph Bulley has released a new song titled Your Bex (Best Ex) featuring songstress Raquel.

Magnom grew up around a dad who loved and listened to all genres of music, something he believes made him develop love for music. Regardless, he didn’t get much support from his parents initially , as they saw his love for music production as a hobby.

He started out as a rapper (A duo named the “Dream Team” consisting of himself and Asem) but he quit rap for sometime and during that period, he came across a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and realised he could actually create music with. He also released his first ever single titled “Kpa” a song he was supposed to record with Castro before he went missing. So he savaged a sample of his voice and used it in making the “Kpa” Production .

Listen to the song below:

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