Vision Inspired Music (VI Music) is thrilled to present young word artist Akotowaa’s first project, ‘Solitaire’. Production of the 7-track EP, which debuted on 19th December, was skillfully done by ReynoldsTGM, EDWVN and Tronomie. ‘Solitaire’ is currently available to stream for free on and for purchase on via mobile money or on; the EP will soon be available on Spotify and iTunes.

Solitaire EP includes her single ‘IWITP’ released mid 2016, and six more well-crafted tracks delivered with an impressive natural fluency. Akotowaa’s writing on the project is ace, exploring a running theme of solitude, sharing her outlook on herself, her relationships and society using brilliant wordplay and evocative metaphors.

Born Ivana Akotowaa Ofori, the talented artist first fell in love with reading at a young age, especially Roald Dahl & Enid Blyton books, before turning to writing as a creative medium of telling her own stories set in her Accra neighbourhood of Labone. In just a few years, Akotowaa has brought her artistry a long way, from cosy poetry shows to voracious performances at slams. The writer also has a thought-provoking novella, ‘Puppets’, to her name, as well as maintaining a blog where she shares short stories, poetry and opinion pieces.

With many relatable lines, ‘Solitaire’ is a special body of work which will take you on a journey, resonating with you on the theme of self and amusing you with fun word-craftsmanship.

For further updates and information kindly visit the social media pages of VI Music (Facebook – Vision Inspired Music, Twitter & Instagram – @officialvimusic) or Akotowaa (Facebook & Instagram – Akotowaa & Twitter – @_Akotowaa).


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