Talented Nigerian Afro-soul singer Brymo ( born Olawale Ashimi), weighed in on the never-ending “Jollof Wars” between Ghana and Nigeria when he performed at M.anifestivities 2016 last Friday.

The singer, who rendered brilliant performances of such classics as Prick No Get Shoulder, Good Morning, Nothing’s Ever Promised Tomorrow, and Goodbye declared Ghana Jollof as “amazing”, but was quick to add that Nigerian Jollof is “better”, but is “suffering from corruption”.

Brymo features on two songs: Sugar ( his first feature in three years), and Goodbye off M.anifest’s Nowhere Cool albumwhich has already been touted as the best album for 2016 by fans and critics alike.

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Formerly signed to top Nigerian music label Chocolate City, the singer, 30, has has six albums to his credit: Brymstone (2007), TheSonOfaKapenta (2012), Merchants, Dealers, & Slaves (2013), Tabula Rasa (2014), Trance (2015), and Klĭtôrĭs (2016), and has received praise for his expert fusion of  fuji, R&B, pop and rock in his craft. Recurring themes in his music include love, family and politics.


Watch the video below:

Running since 2012, is a traditional gesture of appreciation to M.anifest’s fans for their unwavering support, and also witnessed performances from other esteemed industry colleagues including Cina Soul, Keyzus, and Worlasi.


Video credit: facebook.com/djanie.abdurraheem

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