New Creation Incorporated, an Adenta based music group, has adopted a unique style to spread the Word of God in a fun and entertaining way.

New Creation Incorporated is made of young and talented individuals from the New Life Presbyterian Church, Adenta Housing Down, who believe that the Gospel of Christ can be propagated in such a way that every individual can relate to it.

According to Leonard Akuffo- Kwapong, leader of the group, “for the first time in the history of Ghana, we as a group have chosen to use cantata to spread the gospel and win souls for Christ. By this, whereever we go, people don’t only get entertained, but they are fed spiritually as well”.

“We have performed in various churches and we intend to explore other areas in society where we can deliver the Gospel to ensure that God leads in every aspect of our beloved country,” he stated.

Akuffo-Kwapong added that the group intends to take their performances to the Prisons, Hospitals, Orphanages and everywhere that God directs them to go and minister.”

New Creation Incorporated uses drama that is accompanied by gospel music to intensify the effect of the scenes, a style known technically as Cantata. They are made up of over 30 members including a 15year-old female drummer called Grace Aboagye, who is just phenomenal at what she does.



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