Music is a common determinant when it comes to understanding the Ghanaian youth. Music inspires them and it gets them doing the things they believe are the best. Music provides a vehicle for them to be themselves while appealing to the bigger youth culture. And this music is what has introduced the 1001 artiste, DJs, and performers who continually steer the course of the industry and enable a changing generation the platform to learn, express themselves and be heard in the process.

This notion has over the years inspired people to create masterpieces and that is what DJ Shagy played with on his EVE Volume 5. For the past 5 years, he has continually introduced a different voice, a vibe and a session which obsession with excellence doesn’t only provide solid jam but also tell stories of hope, growth and the constant hustle to be better.

On EVE Volume 5, DJ Shagy offers an outlet for understanding what it means to be young, wild and free as he experiments with genres and tunes that define the Ghanaian youth day-in and day-out. With a different genre every day, he picked from the best of the best and refined them to fall in line for the rhythm that has before him set a path for who we are, where we are going and beyond. For a mixtape, DJ Shagy’s EVE Volume 5 offers a deeper thinking into self on a light note and never loses sight of a bigger agenda of “KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW YOUR WORTH.”

Watch the video below:

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