Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his yet-to-be-released debut collection.

Here is Contrast to Worth


Real or abstract?

Do tell after you ponder on facts.


Am I worth it?

Do tell after you have read it.

Or wait! After I am not among you but definitely beneath your feet.


Am I worth it?

Do tell after I leave your wits.

I don’t want the answer now.

It’s either you lie or you realize after I die.


Am I worth it?

Time- Then share with me a bit now before it flies.


Am I worth it?

Words- Then tell me something good now before I’m not here to even pester your mood.


Am I worth it?

Love- Then share with me some now before I’m not even around.


Am I worth it?

Days- Then share with me one now before I go living in grace.


Am I worth it?

Space- Then hold me tight now before I fall out of hand and into cold space.


Am I worth it?

Compassion- Then share with me some now before I’m not around to reel out my xeric tears or cry in a voiceless sound.


Am I worth it?

Prayer- Then pray for me now before under your feet; I’m laid.


Am I worth it?

Praise- Then praise me more before I’m gone.


So therefore, tell me- I’m I worth more to you alive or I’m I more to you dead?


Family; friends; father; mother; brother; sister!

Do tell after you ponder over the facts.

Should I feel my worth to you is real?

Or should I know that I will reel down into the earth as an abstract.


Do tell- I’m I worth more to you alive?

Or I am more to you dead?

Would you stupor whilst I’m alive?

Or you would succor after I’m encoffined.


Do I contrast my worth?

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