Titled The Psalmist Creed, emerging poet  Asford Psalms’ weekly poetry column consists selected poems from his yet-to-be-released debut collection.


Here is Lamentatio 



I had a seed.

Planted eagerly; I did.

On a soil; one without weed.

I made a garden, with my good hand.

But the weather was not always a true blue man.

Through the sunlight and rain; I made me a green plant.

Sooner, I had seeds out my seed.

Fruits that brought sweets.

Whenever my need be; my backyard is where I see.


It turned a tree.

And its fruits, is close to reach.

Season was due.

And the harvest was ripe-green-new.

I had a king’s share

For the trim is mine to care.

I had the first bite.

For the queen’s bite is my eternal right.

I made out of a speck of a seed; a companion.

Out of the first taste; I lost all haste.

Out of the seed, I had a shade and fruits of a curvy shape.

Out of you! I made a friend.

That of sweet and shade.


But until your sweet made me sour and shade lost its power; we could have stayed together much more longer.


Each bite I took, made me less of the living.

For your deceitful sweetness was a punch to my being.

The weaker I got from each taste; the longer I stayed under your shade.

And it was a deceitful, sweet-cover on its own.

From up-above, each was a glorious day

But down-below, it was a gradual dismay.

Each sun-and-moon swap of the day, you lay away my abode’s firmness any way


Your fruits made me weak.

And your roots made me see

That, my friend has become my foe.

And we both; cant be; no more!

I had a seed

And its growth has made me weap.




Born Asford Asante Koranteng-Mensah in Accra-Ghana, the budding poet’s stage name (Asford Psalms) depicts what he loves to do; to write. A proud ‘Leo’ born on 12th August and currently schooling at the University of Professional Studies, Accra. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Accounting but is not limited by boundaries of his course.

“I like to see the world as my school, the endless possibilities, the beauty and the perfect imperfections within”, he opines.

He is a writer of many parts; of arts, love, nature, science, religion, politics and so much more. Though some of his works are already in the social media domain, most are yet to be published which includes: poetry collections, novels and his current project – a TV series with the youth at heart.

 “Believe in serendipity” is his favourite catchphrase. 

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