It was a memorable day for most students of the University of Ghana as hundreds of them queued and were served with delicious Anwamoo from Tasty Rice at the athletic oval on the University of Ghana Campus.

This took place at the just ended #tastyriceanwamoo for peace campaign.

The event saw a lot of activities such as “Tug of War”, “Football Gala”, “Ampe” and a host of others with DJ Phaya treating audience to splendid tunes.

Speaking at the event, the General Manager of Ideal Trade Limited, distributors of Tasty Rice product, Mr. Samuel Darko Gyasi said, “Ghana is approaching elections and every family unite through gathering. We therefore saw the need to bring people together by cooking the latest, delicious and healthy rice product currently on the market to support the peace campaign.”

We at Ideal Trade Limited believe in peace, hence our decision to be a part of this event and also a means to make our product known to Ghanaians as the best rice currently on the Ghanaian market”.

The organizer of the Tasty rice Anwamoo program Victoria Naema also noted “putting together such a competition meant a lot to us”.

She remarked, “We want to feed people with the best. After a thorough search on the market my team and I agreed to use Tasty rice because it stood out when we cooked and tasted it. The affordability also played a pivotal role in the selection”.

“It was even more fulfilling when Ideal Trade Limited decided to support us to make the campaign for peace a reality when we approached them with our intention of such an event. Hence our decision to finally change the event tagline to #tastyriceanwamoo for peace.’’

There was a mad rush for Tasty rice (which comes in 5kg & 25kg bags) after patrons tasted the product. The event which was characterized by the cooking of the rice, the fun games etc. also created the platform for networking of students and politicians alike.

This is the 2nd edition of the Anwamoo event. The first edition took place last year at Dome pillar 2.

Tasty rice product comes in two different brands i.e. Tasty Jasmine Vietnam Rice and the Tasty Indian Rice. Tasty Jasmine Vietnam Rice is polished rice, perfumed with sweet scented aroma, premium grade A, and it comes in 5kg (in 25kg bag) while Tasty Indian Rice  is also a long grain rice,5% broken which contains the right level of nutrient to improve one’s health. The Indian Rice is mainly used to prepare waakye, omotuo etc and comes in 50kg.

Tasty Rice is a product of Ideal Trade Limited a subsidiary of Groupe Ideal.

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