There are many ‘rags to riches’ stories that uplifts the self-confidence and conviction of people but the story of Rev. Dr. Abbeam Ampomah Danso is overly compelling and has the potential of altering or reinforcing anybody’s conception of hope, perseverance, determination, fate and the grace of God.

Rev. Dr. Abbeam projects a movie-like script of a kid who surmounted a torrid childhood and rose to become one of the most-accomplished business magnates ever to emerge from Ghana, West Africa.

Interestingly, his heart-wrenching upbringing and his burst-out as a man of many successes is yet to be told and appreciated by his own countrymen.

Difficult Childhood

From the remote town of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region, Rev. Dr. Abbeam lost his father at an early age and had to endure a childhood fraught with hardship. In his bid to survive, he roamed and slept on the dangerous streets of Accra, from Kaneshie to Sowutuom – doing all manners of tedious jobs.

It was after these things that life became extremely harsh and reached the point of being completely unbearable; he had suicidal thoughts, climbed the popular Kaneshie Bridge and decided to end it all. A sound admonition of his mother about people who take their lives going to hell, came rushing into his head and that alone saved him.

The Breakthrough

In the midst of his many challenges, Rev. Dr. Abbeam held onto his faith, stayed humble, resolute and had a special gift from God. Almost akin to the story of Joseph in the Bible, he also had the spirit of prophecy and that gift is what God used to open humongous doors for him.

By Godly intervention, while battling through difficulties of life, he encountered a woman and by the direction of God, the young Abbeam prophesied to the life of this woman.

That prophecy came to pass and the woman took him in and that – commenced the journey of a street kid who took his opportunities with such poise and gusto, making him one of the most powerful and influential business men to emerge from Africa.


One Man – Many Ventures

He has founded, developed and sustained a deluge of businesses across industries and sectors in Ghana and the United Kingdom. His impressive business portfolio includes ventures in Real Estates, Academia, Health Care, Media & Entertainment, Philanthropy and Outreach Programs.

He is highly experienced in varied industries such as Construction and Agriculture.

Over the years, he’s been able to cement a strong and very effective network spanning the highest level influencers and decision makers to the grass-roots due to his stellar achievements and many booming business endeavors.

He has also built strategic relationships across political and business arenas, both home and abroad.

As an astute entrepreneur with a passion to bring real change through community and human development, he’s earned accolades on both community and national levels, which has led to him being honoured as the development chief in his native town.

All such ventures and many others are being managed judiciously under the Abbeam Group of Companies.

Abbeam Institute of Technology

Arguably the most notable of his accomplishments is the Abbeam Institute of Technology, a state-of-the-art tertiary educational institute with the vision of producing transformational leaders.

The Institute is a registered foreign tertiary Institution, which is also duly registered by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana and affiliated to internationally recognized Institutions.

Situated at Kasoa Obom in Ghana, the Institute offers programs in Media, Communication Studies, Business Administration, Computer Science & Management, Health & Social Science, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Accounting & Finance.

Abbeam Real Estate

Established in 2011, Abbeam Real Estate provides excellent and quality modern buildings and dream homes to clients. They provide the resources and lands for various projects such as houses, farming, schools and other projects for commercial use in Ghana.

They value properties for clients both in the UK and Ghana and provide consultations on mortgage dealings as well.

Abbeam Real Estate has qualified agents that have all the requisite skills to manage properties on behalf of their clients with offices situated in the United Kingdom and in Ghana.

Abbeam Productions

Touted as one of the established brands in Africa with regards to productions, Abbeam Production is well-noted for quality works in movies, music, radio and television.

With its headquarters in UK, the production unit has produced critically-acclaimed movies and produced many budding artists which include some of Ghana’s house hold names such as; Prince David Osei, Kwaku Manu and Bismark the Joke to name a few. It has annexed various laurels for its excellence in music and movies.

Abbeam TV was founded in 2013, combining a network of sites about digital TV, broadcasting and programming into a new destination for news entertainment, sports, technology, business, music and streaming of exclusive shows and movies. It is in the process of acquiring a television channel on UK ‘Freeview’, which should be launched soon.

Abbeam Radio is a tertiary radio station based in London and Ghana. The station is very active in Kasoa and looking to expand the radio station in Ghana. However, listeners in the UK are able to stream on-line via its website.

Abbeam Health Center

Situated at the Kasoa-Obom municipality, the Abbeam Health Center, which has all the requisite, standardized and modernized facilities and equipments – provides health care for people in the whole Kasoa District and beyond.

They provide 24 –hour quality services in antenatal, postnatal, general care, circumcision and other related medical issues.

Direct Access Ghana (DAG)

Another one of Abbeam’s fledgling enterprises, Direct Access Ghana (DAG) is the emergence of a new platform which brings together tailor-made investment opportunities in Ghana and prospective foreign investors.

As a result of successful business endeavors and developmental projects, the Office of the President of Ghana mandated but not retained the Chief Executive Officer of Abbeam Group to bring foreign investors into Ghana.

The mandate from the office of the President of Ghana, gives DAG a unique position and opportunity in a crowded market place. With experience, deep cultural knowledge and understanding, extensive local and governmental network, it aims to work and partner with companies who operate from a platform of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.


Church, Outreach, Philanthropy

Rev. Dr. Abbeam presides over God’s Solution Center (GSC), a Pentecostal Church, with its headquarters in the UK. The Ghana branch of the Church has been involved in many community developments that stretch from towns such as Asabaham, Alpha, Domiabra, Kasoa and Abbeam City.

It has organized various seminars and forums in the communities to address issues of security, road network, schools, health posts, market centers and drainage systems among many others.

GSC Ghana has gone beyond organizing community meetings by buildings amenities such as a health center, bridge, streets lights as well as helping fix the bad road network and drainage systems in the area.

Rev. Dr. Abbeam, by virtue of his plethora of successful ventures, is doing a lot of good for Ghana, its economy and the people. He has and is still providing an inestimable number of employment opportunities for persons here in Ghana and abroad. He is empowering the youth, building and training them to become successful entrepreneurs and go-getters in their various chosen careers to help shape and establish an even greater Ghana for tomorrow.

He is helping in diverse ways, to provide comfortable living conditions for various communities across the Country.

He is a true Ghanaian, a real African, a man chosen by God to change and impact lives and indeed, he deserves to be celebrated.

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