It has become indispensable and key to assure the hardworking men and women in Ghana’s media landscape and in our effort to continually harness their professional assistance as an entertainment brand, to render unqualified apology to all media houses or journalists for possible hurt or discontent as a results of miscommunication from our management.

Our attention was drawn to numerous comments of displeasure concerning a statement our artiste is reported to have made in an interview alluding to the inability of both management and brand Fancy Gadam to appreciate the immense role some media played in the success of our maiden concert held at the National Theatre dubbed ‘ Gadam Nation Concert’.

This is an issue of ineffective communication on the part our media team hired to perform various press relations functions for Fancy Gadam, therefore opening unauthorized access at such euphoric minute when Fancy Gadam was just about to mount the stage to perform.

In studying the issue, we further noticed persistent agenda setting stance on the part of the interviewer in question, who constantly and erroneously put to our artiste statement alluding to the fact that ‘we were able to fill the National Theatre to capacity with no help from the media’. As smart as Fancy Gadam acted to attribute the success of the show to Allah and strong ties with the fans, the interviewer persisted and finally got him to commit to his assertion.

This is not right in our eyes.

Management of brand Fancy Gadam hence want to state categorically that our artiste respects the effort of the media in the entertainment industry especially during his recent concert at the National Theatre and would not overlook their essence intentionally.

We want to say a big thank you to all media houses in Ghana and we hope to work effectively next time to avoid such anomalies.


Source: Fancy Gadam

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