From the makers of “The Love of Mamavi” comes another riveting drama, designed to shock, enlighten and initiate discourse. Homeless is written by Nii Ayi Solomon and directed by Woelinam Kurt Dziewornu-Norvor and ably assisted by Vivian Doe and Cygishmel Cherub.

The play, entitled “Homeless” puts the life of the poor, abandoned, destitute and the rejected into perspective; shedding light on their suffering, their pain and what they go through just to survive.

In the play, destiny pairs Abu and John in a most fascinating way. They both have very interesting ideas on how to survive in the streets of Ga and are willing to do anything to make it. In their search for the proverbial Golden Fleece, they encounter other characters whose stories are not only riveting but sad.

In the end, everyone decides to go back home but what awaits their return is a matter of concern for them as they wonder if they will be accepted after picking up new and unacceptable habits from the streets.

The play is set in every alley, street, home and cranny of Accra and filled with humor which has a tendency of keeping an audience glued to their seat till the entire production is over; but hefty with message that cannot be overlooked as it is meant to educate shock, entertain and initiate discourse.

It comes off at Alliance Francaise on 11th November, 2016, at 7:00 pm.



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