Celebrated and Award-winning producer, Abdul Sallam Mumuni and his Venus Films Production are back yet again as they hit our silver screens with another blockbuster on the 25th of NOVEMBER. “IF GOD BE FOR US” which features an amazing cast, as described by the director Pascal Amanfo is one worth seeing and can’t afford missing the opportunity to watch.



Johnson (Eddie Watson)is known as an upright man who eschews corruption and all seems well in his marriage to Nancy( Evenly Addo), daughter to the former supreme court judge Mrs Anuzia (Kalsoume Sinare), Johnson is charged for the murder of his wife, Akin (John Dumelo) the best friend of Johnson is welling to lose what he has to save Johnson, Azu (Pascal Amanfo) a prisoner helps Johnson build his faith in the lord, the bigger question is Johnson innocent and how does his faith work for his freedom,….all in IF GOD BE FOR US #IGBFU
You think everything in life is perfect until you are hit with unimaginable events of life where you are stuck in a pool of mud and have nowhere to turn to or all your turns have been block. The only person to turn to now is God, but, what if God’s answer is not forth coming on time, will you endure the pain and keep the faith alive ?

The movie “IF GOD BE FOR US”  features John Dumelo, kalsum Sinare, Pascal Amanfo, Alexander Osei, Eddie Watson among others.

Watch the video below


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