The much anticipated season 2 of popular campus series Tek Hustle is set to premier this Saturday at the Central Classroom Block (CCB) Auditorium in Knust.

“TEK HUSTLE” is an all-student production that tells a comedy-drama story of the “after-lectures” events that happen in the lives of students including their struggle to succeed in school, and to develop and improve their talents. In short, Tek Hustle is a collection of tales of the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

In an interview with Showbiz on Monday Dr  Slocombe Francis – Jamal the Producer of the series and a graduate of Knust Medical School told showbiz “ The aim of this audio-visual production is to mirror the university community; identifying the good and the bad, how to adapt to changes and morally straighten the path of astray students. This will encourage the initiative of being creative and innovative for students to develop their own ideas to better their lives. We believe through this medium Sexual and Reproductive health issues can be addressed for the target audience (adolescents/youth) to learn as well as be entertained. ”

“TEK HUSTLE” as the title; is a comedy-drama that tells a story of the “after-lectures” events that happen in the life of students; their struggle to become what they are in school for and their talents they seek to develop and improve, the other “extra curricula” activities as teens climbing into adulthood. In short, the tales of the teens. In the thoughts of a writer, Kofi Ntim exists Tony Nkem a lead vocalist in a band, although a player falls in love with a cunning young lady; MzzBlaq. She is an aspiring fashion designer from a lower economic class family but keeps up appearance of the other. JOJO; is a “goodboy-gone-bad” unleashing his anger on ladies because of a bad relationship but will not compromise on his studies. PAPI; Jojo’s roommate; an event organizer on campus does all he can to help the band grow after he meets Tony through Jojo. KOJOVI is filmmaker who battles with his insecurities from childhood and as such looks at things with a black or white perspective. Oniipa is a rapper who is committed to give it all he has in order to rise to the top. As adolescents transitioning to adulthood, Sexual and Reproductive health issues are addressed for the target audience (adolescents/youth) to learn as well as be entertained. The hustle of these talented young adults continue as each on the journey of self-discovery strive “To Be or Not to Be”. he added.

Shoot on different locations in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology (KNUST) has a theme songs composed by Oniipa, Tony and others who are all part of the cast

The casts includes Lauren Douglas, Mzz Blak , Kouda Edwige , Kofi Amankwah , Asiedu Emmanuel , Slocombe Francis Jamal , Agu Franca  and Edem Valdislav.

The premier will be in sessions ; 7:00pm and 9:00pm respectively and is expected to attract several students from both Knust and Kumasi Poly.

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