Launched yesterday October 31, Accra-based TV3’s new ultra-modern facility can boast of

– A 6×3 video wall which takes live feeds and video playback
– A 3×3 video that takes live feeds and videos
– Two interactive screens – Both take live feeds, videos and respond to touch events
– A 25-feet jib arm that gives audience a high-angel, panoramic shots of the sets
– Custom designed election software which runs on the two interactive touch screens.
The News Hub, as is is called, will serve as the main studio for the station’s major news bulletins which include Midday Live (12:00 noon) , News360 (7:00PM) , as well as News@10.
Started in 1997 by T BEC-TERO, TV3 Ghana is a free-to-air platform which produces news bulletins, dramas, and popular reality shows as Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Ghana’s Strongest. It was acquired in 1999 by Media Prima under Ghanaian management.
See images of the new studio:

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