Poet Mutombo Da Poet has unveiled his latest single “Femur” a few after releasing his widely received “Some Other Place”. In the compelling piece produced by MF DOOM, Mutombo remembers with courage, what a troubling journey his past has been, yet proclaiming that he’s emerged victorious ultimately.

“went through the rain, stepped on fire. We are still here”, he chants in the chorus.

Located within the thigh, the femur is not merely the one bone in that part of the body, it is also the longest and the strongest bone in the human body, extending from the hip to the knee.

Mutombo has been on the poetry scene since 2006. In many respects, he’s a forerunner among contemporary poets from the country. His 2012 debut Photosentences still enjoys favourable reviews, and is a reference point for lyrical dexterity and depth of thought.

Listen below:

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