On the 5th of October, 2016, MTN Ghana Foundation Celebrated Teachers by observing the World Teachers Day marked by UNICEF worldwide under the theme “Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies.”
MTN presented awards to the top two teachers and their nominators. The two winners Mr Sam Asare-Gyebi and Sir Godwin Kwasi Asare received a laptop and a 4G modem each and their nominators also received Samsung A7 and Huawei P8 Lite devices respectively.
The MTN Ghana Foundation’s support for World Teachers’ Day celebrations is an initiative to support efforts being made by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to create awareness of the significant role teachers’ play in education and human development.
MTN Ghana Foundation advertised on Social Media soliciting for people whose lives have been impacted by particular teachers in their lives.
The posting attracted 323 likes, 31 people shared and 60 entries were received across the various social media channels. The committee voted and shortlisted 9 comments. These comments were sent to independent critics to rate them and the scores were collated for each entry.
Nominators Comment:
“With 40 years of service, Mr Sam Asare-Gyebi is indeed my mentor. He opened new vistas of experience as far as learning is concerned. Indeed, he made me love learning. He is patient, motivational and committed. Sitting through his lessons is a real delight. I have never seen him lose his temper and he has groomed many young folks in landed positions today.
He should be rewarded because he is one of the few to have stayed in teaching field, since many run away from it because it isn’t lucrative and also he has taken teaching to a new horizon. And also he has made us know that you can be anything no matter who you are through education”. This is what Madam Gloria Asare has to say about her favourite teacher.
Nominators Comment:
“Sir Godwin Kwasi Asare, a teacher at Boso Senior High Technical School is my teacher. He inspired me in different angles be it academic or social life.
He once met me very annoyed towards a friend. He later called me solemnly and advised me and mentored me to have a calm temper and he always told me, ‘patience is golden so, no matter how much someone hurts me, I should just be patient, think through it and let it go”. These words have helped me a lot. And has made me a better person and an ambassador of patience.
He was my English teacher. I found English difficult at my SHS level, but he assisted me personally and corrected me anytime I caused a blemish towards the language.
Today I speak fluently because of the help I got from him. Long live Sir Godwin Kwasi Asare.”
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