a dark heart beats body lust unleashes body parts leave
eve brings its eve to the street
she is weird she is hilly she is a dangling eve
she is a pit prison they are pit prisoners
for, the eyes are intoxicated—
the earth is poisoned

Kofi Acquah is an SHS graduate, writer (poet, author and novelist). He is a certificate holder of the 2015 American Poetry Marathon. Having received media attention from the likes of Cape 93.3 FM-Ghana, Fifthwall Radio, Florida-USA, Tuck Magazine-USA, Lunaris Review-Nigeria, The Poets Without Limits Magazine-USA,,, etc., he is also a co-author of “PALM LEAVES” (a poetry collection published by Forte Publishing in Thailand, Liberia & Alexandria). “Sound of the Tsetse Drum” is his debut poetry collection. Kofi’s creative works set for publishing include, “Behind Shaded Voices” (poetry collection), “Kyenkyen SɔɔSɔɔ” (a novel) among others. He serves as a performance coach in the Afro-poetry movement, The Village Thinkers, Cape Coast-Ghana.





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