Last week, Labone Senior High School in Accra had the opportunity to host the exciting DBA Ghana for Peace Roadshow.

The roadshow brought together all students and some teachers of the school to dialogue about peace and what role they can play as ambassadors of peace.
The roadshow team, made up of members of Dream Believe Achieve (DBA), a network of young professionals and officials of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), used the occasion to sensitize the students about their civic right, the electioneering process and things to do or not to do in order to maintain and protect peace in Ghana; before, during and after the polls in December.
In her presentation, Founder of DBA, Ms Brooke S. Nuwati cautioned the students to remain watchful and be wary of the dangers associated with the negative influence of (social) media. She said “Always probe and probe further before you act on whatever you see or read on social media. Before you forward that message or video to a friend, think about the information you are spreading, whether it’s the truth and whether it is indeed helpful to the recipient”.
She continued “If you are voting, exercise your civic right peacefully. Your right to vote gives you a chance to say who you wish to become the leader of the nation. It’s not for you to be engaged unsavoury discussions that result in violence and threaten our peace. Have fun with the political debates and jokes, but keep it healthy by respecting the views and choices of others”.
Feedback about the DBA Ghana for Peace Roadshow has been great, both from participants and the general public. The second arm of the roadshow, through which DBA is ensuring peace becomes a topical issue in the online community is equally gaining a lot of popularity. “We are overwhelmed by the response so far and we can see that ‘PEACE’ is top on the agenda for everyone and this only gives more meaning to what we are doing.

Participation is very encouraging and we are really happy to be leading this initiative” says DBA Project Coordinator Brigid Nana Esi Dzadze.

So far, the DBA peace roadshow has been to the GH Media School, Accra Academy and Labone SHS.

Through the roadshow project, DBA wishes to mobilise and engage over 10,000 young people as ambassadors who will push the agenda of peace in their various communities. The roadshow will be climaxed with ‘Peace Fun & Soccer Games’ in the Nima-Mamobi enclave in Accra.

The DBA Ghana for Peace Roadshow is supported by the Centre for CSR, Accra Brewery Ltd. (ABL), Voltic, Coca-Cola, Fan Milk and Crop Mac Ltd.

See photos below:

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