Singer Worlasi, while he’s better-known for composing powerful and interior music, engages with his paintbrush just as frequently. Experimenting with realist and abstract art, Worlasi, who would not be restricted to a single category, tells ENEWSGH in an interview Friday afternoon, that he intends for his art is to, at the very least, intrigue.


“First of all, I want to confuse you”, he says, explaining a striking piece consisting of a  bush-cat’s head and a nude female body, which he will showcase at the One Airport Square  in coming days. “I want you to stand there and ask yourself why?”.

Another painting of wine and bread (which he describes as his favorite) “portrays a level of illusion”or “realism”. “We know it’s a painting but you can’t figure out exactly why it looks this real… it amuses me how you can use brush strokes to paint something, and it looks exactly like the actual thing”

Worlasi also reveals that he interprets images as shapes, apparently an easy way to detect the various lights and tones of things we see.

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Still considerably new in the industry, Worlasi received remarkable notice for his 2015 debut Nusɛ, with many praising his depth of soul and daring originality. He has been  with such heavyweights as Sena Dagadu, M.anifest, EL, and Sarkodie, and endorsement from just about everybody who matters in the industry; from Gh One TV’s Kafui Dey to legendary producer Da Hammer. He has also shared stages  with such prominent brands as Wanlov, Wiyaala, and Dark Suburb.

Watch his latest single, Nukata below:

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